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Luke Hoffman

I need a commenting solution for SharePoint publishing pages.  What are other's using?  I've see some articles about Yammer, but not quite sure how that would work since the Yammer feed would need to be tied to that publishing page.  I wouldn't want to create a new Yammer group each time I create a page nor would I expect our page creators to drop a new web part on each publishing page they create.  It needs to be built into the page layout I think.  Has anyone come up with a good solution for this?  Seems like basic publishing functionality that should really be there already.  

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Hi Luke,


You can use Yammer to comment on publishing pages. A very common scenario is to create a news page layout and put a Yammer embed code at the bottom of the news article. You can configure the Yammer embed code at the Yammer website. It depends where you want to post it. You can use the "all network" view, but you can also post comments in a different group. 


In the modern pages you can add a Yammer webpart, but it's not possible yet to create page layouts for those pages. When that functionality is added there will probably be some blog posts about these type of scenarios.




If you use Yammer, then the embed will work just fine if you use the OpenGraph as the link to the page.  


One thing that I find extremely useful is the Yammer Embed Tool which allows you to test your embed code before you actually implement it.

Here is the example:  You add a script block to the Page Layout and then use Javascript to change the embed block url property to match the current URL of the page.  Here is what an example embed might look like using the Tool (trick to using the tool, change the type of the feed to Open Graph and then click Apply)


  "feedType": "open-graph",
  "config": {
    "use_sso": false,
    "header": false,
    "footer": false,
    "showOpenGraphPreview": false,
    "defaultToCanonical": false,
    "hideNetworkName": false,
    "promptText": "Tell me where you want to go today..."
  "objectProperties": {
    "url": "http://www.microsoft.com",
    "type": "page",
    "fetch": true,
    "private": false,
    "ignore_canonical_url": false
  "container": "#embedded-feed"


You could try a page layout with a comment field and some javascript handling the comments.

Why not wait for the communication sites?

In the past the blog sites also had something like this available.
One issue I have seen with the Commo Sites is that while you can reply and post comments, it doesn't have any more functionality. For example, Likes don't exist (yet). You also cannot @ mention someone (yet). The Commo Sites will be an eventual replacement (assuming that Microsoft actually implements all of the socialization features that Yammer provides).

Thanks for the responses.  We've tried Yammer commenting, but it seems a bit clunky and cannot be formatted very well on the page in my opinion.  Our corporate communications team has rejected this for now.  If it could be formatted better it would be a viable solution.  Could any of you provide a screen shot of a page with Yammer comments?  Maybe we're doing something wrong.


Communication site would require a major rewrite for our intranet right now.  Not something I want to do.




Do you mean that they look like Yammer and not your website?


You CAN change that if you pull the respose using the REST API instead and format the JSON that you get back into what you want.


Don't create a new Yammer group for each page, put them all in a public group and use the page URL to link back to them via OpenGraph. You could also embed a hashtag with more info like a site or page keyword/topic to organize them
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