Can not switch Document Library to Modern View

Robert Woods
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I have a document library we would like to see the "Modern View" on. I have went into the library settings and enabled the display of the list.


Display this list using the new or classic experience?

Set to New Experience


I have also checked that none of the features below are enabled, and cleared cookies, tried in alternate browser. 

Features that cause the new experience to automatically switch to the classic experience


Navigation features

  • Metadata navigation and filtering – All libraries on sites that have this feature enabled are shown in classic experience.

Column types

  • External data columns

  • Geolocation columns

  • Publishing columns (Publishing HTML, Publishing Image, Publishing Hyperlink)


  • Limited-access user permission lockdown mode


  • JSLink code on fields

  • CustomActions that include ScriptBlock or ScriptSrc properties


I have none of the customizations above. Anything Else I should be checking?


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Do you have other document libraries in the site where the modern view is being shown as expected?

New doc lib works correctly and Site Assets does also. There has to be something in the current one preventing it... Just none of the conditions outlined in the article.

Webparts in the document library's page would prevent a switch to Modern view, in case that helps.


Might not shed any new light, but could you show us screenshot of the document library?


The site was created by my predecessor, No publishing features turned on. The main page of the site is a Wiki page set as the homepage of the site, with the document library web part embedded.MarketingMain.PNG


The Document library page :


Went into edit mode on the document library page and there was a document set contents web part inserted on the page. I removed that and boom, Modern Library!


Thanks all for your help and input!

Hi @Robert Woods ,


I had the same issue, and I noticed you have a content editable web part on the page view (where it says... "The Document Set Contents web part will display..."). Try editing the page, remove that web part above the library/list, and save the page. If that does not put you library in modern view, try modifying the view. Some fields if selected to be displayed, will make the page to load in classic instead of modern.

For me, after doing those steps above, and making sure the library/list is set to display in the new experience, did put all my views to display in modern.