Alerts on Comments in Modern Pages?

Rob Bowman

So now that we are beginning to take advantage of Communications Sites, Modern Pages and News, we are starting to get comments on our pages - which is awesome, but... Nobody knows there are comments on the pages. Is there currently a way to get alerts/notifications (like most other modern Social Collab Tools) that a comment was made on a page? Maybe by email?

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These got to be stored on a list somewhere on the site collection. The question is where. Once figured out possible can access and set alerts or setup flow on it if it’s accessible. If I get some time here in a bit I’ll see if I can figure it out.
No, comments are not really stored in a list on the site...those comments are stored on a particular cloud storage created by the team:

The folder seems to be there in Flow, so maybe you can use that to drive an email to the group.



Scratch that ... tried it and it didn't seem to work.

@Juan Carlos González Martín Thanks, I saw this and it kind of started my line of thinking! I guess in the end, I am still wondering where they are stored. Again, great functionality, but when a News Page or Standard Page is posted for communication, especially trying to transition away from standard files, it would make it great to be able to react to the comments. Really hard to follow up with people if they have questions.

@Deleted Also my first instinct! Glad I am not crazy in thinking that way. Appreciate the input. It looks like adding a comment does not even trigger the "modified" flag. It would be a shame to turn comments off for these.

This is an api call I don’t see why you still couldn’t use flow to monitor the page via the API call and alert when changes it count increases. If I get some time tonight I’ll play with it. Been getting hitched yesterday time limited lol.
Well, I'm waiting for the upcoming push notifications we will have in modern pages...they might solve your requirement!

@Christopher Webb first - trust me on this - "Happy Wife, Happy Life", just say that over and over. :) Next, I love that idea, but really trying to find a simple solution for 9000+ users to get alerts on those comments if they want. I like your idea, but...

It´s easy to setup using Microsoft Flow. You need the id of the "Site Pages" library and the id of the Comments list, you may find out using the SharePoint Client Browser connected to the specific SharePoint Website.


Then just setup a flow as displayed in the attached screenshot. Now if a user add a comment on a modern page, a mail is send. The body of the mail you may style with some html for better ux with link to the page for example. 

That’s the problem these aren’t stored in a list :p.
Yeah I messed with it last night and stepped back and thought the same thing. This is going to be a pain for setting up even if you could get it to work lol. This would be easy if it was stored in a list like blog comments used to work!

Yeah I agree, I played with the REST API and instantly thought a user is not going to be able to do this. Which means I will need to maintain it ... and that's not going to happen (too busy).


With the drive to modern pages, which I really like, the idea is that anyone can do it, enable enable enable ... free our users from IT of old.



So here’s a thought. You can easily disable the comments. And it’s a web part page. Maybe something could come up with tapping in a web part onto the page for comments via custom list. Or I guess there is always putting the annocuments on yammer or using that for comments on the page instead. Just thinking outside the box a bit, maybe something like that could work. But then again it’s something the users would have to do each time they create a news article which is no bueno lol.

Or create a list and use  a powerapp embeded on the page, to capture the comments and flow to alert via email.

Yeah, but if the user is created "News" pages, then they have to know how to setup that webpart, think that could be the issue here. If we could setup templates for the pages then it could work :p, but even then that user interface with connector to the powerapp etc. could be ugly.


The Comments are stored in a list as you can see here 

It´s a screenshot of the lists in a SharePoint Communication Site. As the comments are stored in a list, I was able to setup a alert flow in new comments.




Lol. Well whoever I put trust into the items weren’t stored in list lost cool points with me 😬😂. Yeah if you can trigger flow on new comments and access the other metadata this would be easy to do at that point.

Hi Rob,

I had a similar task: send the email notification to the author of the modern page in SharePoint online if the new comment added.

I have done this using MS Flow and MS Graph API because standard SharePoint actions in MS Flow didn't help me. 


I've described the solution in step-by-step instruction on the public blog of my company.


Hope, it helps you.


UPDATE: This solution was implemented for teams site. We found new challenges for brand new communications sites.



The iterative development that MS is taking for the O365 environment is great on one level, but why would a comments feature not have alerts baked in? Having to play around with APIs and Flows for this kind of feature is just not realistic.


I'll wait until they get it sorted out.

Hi @Daniel Staps


What tool did you use to get this list of lists (Specifically the Comments list).  I have tried and failed to find this list using SharePoint Designer, REST calls and CSOM.  I am the global administrator for the tenant I am using so I should be able to see all lists.





Hi @Egor


I think the comments are not held in a list for modern Communications Sites, but in some datastore in the cloud.


You can get hold of them using a REST call so :-working with page comments using the REST API 


I cannot see any list on my communications site starting with "Comments".  I tried using SharePoint Designer, but no list showed.  I am the Global Administrator on the Tenancy and the site collection administrator as well as the Communications Site Owner.  Are you using Yammer by any chance ? is that why you can see the "Comments" list ? - what am I doing wrong not to get the "Comments" list in my Modern Communications Site ?





Hi Nigel,
If you didn't post any comment, then Comments.* list doesn't exist. SharePoint creates it automatically during the posting of the first comment. I hope, this is a reason.

Hi @Egor Tsvetkov


I have two comments on the home page and I can access them via a REST -> 

${currentWebUrl}/_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('Site Pages')/GetItemById(1)/Comments
Before Get SIte Pages
After Get Site Pages
Comment Number 2
Comment Number 1
but no comments List

Where did you search this list in SharePoint Designer?

It should be under "All Files":



Hi @Egor Tsvetkov


THis is my SharePoint Designer output :-





Hi @Egor Tsvetkov


I have now tried with a second Communications Site.  Same result no Comments list.


I have created a new Communications site, created a page on it and added a comment to the page.  Same result no comments list.


I have also tried opening SharePoint Designer as an administrator - same result.





@Nigel Price,


I had similar issues at first.  But, if you look back in this thread @Daniel Staps posted a comment on 11-22-2017 that, if followed step-by-step will absolutely work.  Use SharePoint Client Browser found here: and refer to his screenshots.


I was able to get this working with Flow after following Daniel's instructions.



Hi @Meg Simmons


I downloaded the SPC and ran it against two of my sites which have got comments and this is what I got :-



No comments field !


I am beginning to wonder if I have a different version of SharePoint Online !





Hi All


I have now tried trying to find the Comments list on two different tenancies  and 6 different site collections including Communications sites and Team sites.  All have got one or more comments on a site page.  In every case I can use REST calls to find the comments (see my other posts for details).  In each case I am the global administrator and the site collection administrator and the site owner.  I am running out of ideas on how to see the Comments list. @VesaJuvonen can you help here ?


Any ideas on what property I have to modify to get the Comments List to appear would be very gratefully received.


Thanks for your help in advance



Hi Nigel,

My solution is written for teams site. I try to repeat it for Communication site and notify you when having some results. 

Any News ?  I have created a Teams Site (via the App) and still no comments list (I have created a comment)

Bad news, unfortunately. I created a new O365 trial subscription with latest releases and checked Comments list for Communication and Teams sites (private and public). Everywhere result is the same: no Comments list in SharePoint Designer, Client browser, Graph API or Native SharePoint REST API.


I checked on the customer's tenants: comments list available because target release was not applied.

Looks like, hidden Comments data source is a new feature from MS.

Thanks @Egor Tsvetkov back to the drawing board for trapping Comments.

This is a must fix. My recommendation is to have this setting turned off for the entire tenant. This is an impossible situation where I can't understand why not Yammer is a bigger part of it. A site could have an open Group in Yammer, or a hastag in a Group. The root site could send out to All Company. 


The framework for all solutions on Office 365 for my customers are to have so Close to standard as possible where it is something related to the company's USP that breaks the mold, not standard functionality that should be there.


Imagine the impact of a lot of employees thinking someone cares about their opinion and then nobody replies to them ever because they can't see it? 


Bad design. 

It seems like MS have changed their Comment behavior, at least on Communication sites. I can find OLD comments but when I add new comments, they doesn't show up in the Comments.30017244-8B12-4607-9D41-89A859BD352D list

I have experienced the same behavior.  Here's a great post that shows how to get them using an API call:

Hi Guys, 


I've built a custom solution to receive email notifications on new comments using Microsoft Flow and an SPFx extension. The process is still manual, it requires a click in a button from the browser but all site owners will be notified if new comments are available. The instructions to implement it step by step are available here.

What I do is to embed a Microsoft Forms form on a modern page and for each response (i.e. comment) I get it to send an email to me with the comment and it also creates a new list item in a SharePoint list called Comments on the site. It works really well and gives us a record of every comment, who submitted it and whether we've responded. The form can, of course be added to multiple pages. If you want to show a conversation on a page though you need to display a view of the list which works but my solution works better when users don't need to see other comments.



I found that when I downloaded the SharePoint app to my phone I got alerts on my phone when comments were posted in response to News I posted.  I am following the site but I don't know if that is why. I didn't do anything active to set up the alerts.

Having tried a couple of different options I've gone with a Powershell script that uses PnPOnline to retrieve all my modern communication pages and then write any new commentcounts to a separate SharePoint list (or update an existing list item if the post already had comments previously). Then I have an alert setup on the list for any new or modified items. So far works really well. And the script was pretty straightforward to write (luckily, as I am not an expert Powershell guy by any means).


I did try Joao Ferreria's excellent solution and it worked well. The only drawback was that whenever we ran the code it modifies every modern page it checks so our last modified datetimes and users were changing regularly and it played havoc with various 'Most Recent' list views we have.


Here is my solution how you could make alerts on comments for Classic Publishing Site in SharePoint ->

Would you be willing to share that script?

Hi Gretchen, happy to share if it's useful. 


The solution that I got working for us works as follows:


  1. Powershell script, running as a scheduled task, periodically reads the comment count for all News items (List A) on a given site. 
  2. The comment count is compared to the comment count stored on a separate list (List B).
  3. If there is a comment for a News item that previously had no comments then a new item is added to List B with the article URL and the number of comments. If there is an additional comment for News article that already had comments then the list item in List B is updated.
  4.  List B has an alert setup, going to our team Distribution List, whenever List B is added to or modified, which sends an Alert email including the URL of the article.

I don't know if that works for what you are trying to do. I have the script running on my local desktop as I had real problems getting the script task to run on a server with any sort of encryption. That may be a problem for you. Likewise, in my solution there are only ever 4 possible authors of the News items so for now I can send an alert to all 4, if you have lots of potential authors that may be no good, although I don't think it would take much to change the script to send an email to the article author once a new comment is found.


Hope that helps. Script attached (hopefully).

Thanks so much!  I'll get it to our more technical team members and see what we can do!

If you could get them to correct the mistakes I made and send it back I'd be grateful! :)
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