Your company Contoso has merged with TechOne and the organization name is changing to Contoso-One. You want the change to be reflected on the local OneDrive sync folder in Windows Explorer from Contoso to Contoso-One.


Folder in Explorer.png



First Unlink your OneDrive account by Right clicking on the OneDrive cloud icon  in the system tray, and choose Settings:




NOTE:  If you unlink OneDrive and have SharePoint sites synced, you will need to resync them.



Select the Account tab:





Choose ‘Unlink this PC’:    


Unlink this PC.png



You will receive a dialog to confirm the Unlink:


Confirm Unlink.png



Once you have unlinked your OneDrive account, go to the O365 Portal as a global administrator:


  1. Go to the https://admin.microsoft.com 
  2. Select your organization's name in the top right corner of the page.

Org Name.png



3.  Choose Edit beside your organization's name.


Edit org name.png


  1. Update your organization's information and choose Save.


Once the organization name has been updated (usually takes a few minutes to show in the Admin Center), resync your OneDrive by going to OneDrive in the browser and choose the Sync button:





Choose Allow:





Select the default sync settings after entering your credentials.



Once the sync is complete, check Windows Explorer and you will see the updated folder:


Updated Explorer.png



So, thank you for providing this.


However, this is woefully insufficient I am afraid. It might be fine for a very small organization, but asking thousands of users to do this on their own is a major undertaking. Also in most merger scenarios, you are not simply renaming your existing tenant. You have migrated your data to another tenant and you need your OneDrive client to sync with the new tenant instead of the old one.


What is needed is:

1. a way for the OneDrive client itself to rename the folder, if the rename is done on the tenant level

2. a way to automatically switch the OneDrive client to a new tenant, with potentially a new name, with no data loss, where it also renames the local sync folder - using gpo or scripting


We are currently in a merger process ourselves and are looking into ways of solving this. We won’t be able to take advantage of any features as the ones described above, because it is happening soon, but it will probably help someone else.


Thank you for listening.

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As Allan has explained, this is not very helpful for organizations. At least automatic renaming of a folder would be useful. I did an error putting our full name into tenant's settings and most users have OneDrive - Something Something Some.... instead of a short OneDrive - SSSS. But i won't ask them to do this procedure now.

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I always change it through the registry "Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{SOME-GUID}", just search for "Onedrive - Tenant name". You can also unpin it from the folder pane by setting "System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree" to 0.

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Thanks for posting this @Kimberly Powell .  We currently have 1,700+ people using the OneDrive desktop app (out of 45,000+) and those steps are going to be a struggle.


Hopefully, you'll provide feedback to the product group letting them know that a simpler tenant name change process needs to be implemented.  One that doesn't rely on end users manually changing things.


You can write a script or if you have a deployment tool (i.e. SCCM) you are able to uninstall OneDrive, using the OneDriveSetup.exe /uninstall command (instead of unlinking), once OneDrive has stopped syncing, rename the OneDrive folder with the new tenant name (to ensure that you don't have two OneDrive folders in Explorer), then reinstall using the OneDriveSetup.exe /silent.


Currently there is not an automatic way to update the tenant name.


I would recommend opening a support case and request a Design Change, or submit your suggestion via User Voice - https://onedrive.uservoice.com.

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Has anyone found any negative consequences to performing the update to the tenant name?  Such as problems with OneNote notebooks that are widely distributed?  Does this have any affect to accessing SharePoint sites?

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Actually this article is about changing companie's name, not the name of tenant itself (name can be unrelated to tenant, like Contoso, but tenant could be conto.microsoft.com and OneDrive will append Contoso to folder's name). As i can't edit my submitted idea i have added a clarification via comment. Changing name is trivial and i haven't noticed it affecting anything other than name appended to OneDrive folder. It doesn't change urls. Changing tenant's name is a different story and it might even not be possible or it has to be done via a support case. Have found this

https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/change-your-sharepoint-domain-name and


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@Oleg K your response is very helpful me.  Thank you for the clarification.

Agree with @Oleg K - however, changing the standard folder name for OneDrive is not trivial. For us, we want to have consistency across all deployed machines, so that our supporters know where to look and troubleshoot.


The possibility for automatically switching the client over to a new tenant should also not be discounted. I appreciate the tip @Kimberly Powell and this is something we were already looking into, but having it be built in to the client, would be very helpful for large migrations between tenants.