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This is the recording of PnP monthly community call from Tuesday 13th of September. PnP monthly communnity calls are for covering changes in the PnP initiative during past month, provide credits for all the community contributors and for demonstrating

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Hello everyone.

Often, when I develop a SharePoint solution, I must rename the Title field display name of a content type with another more explanatory (e.g. Customer Name in a hypothetical customer content type).

Using Visual Studio solution, I usually bre

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Has anyone tried to use PnP templates with CQWP?


i've got a page with a CQWP when i look at the exported template I can see the following WebUrl:
once imported the site is looking for a list in the original site and there

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yup, seems a bug. I've added a comment in the github issue. I'd like to fix it if I got some time.



New PnP webcast concentrated on the options and considerations around using external JavaScipt libraries within your SharePoint Framework client-side web part. Check following blog post from dev.office.com/blogs for more details.

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I've created some shownotes for this Webcast.

If you want to quickly go to any part of the webcast click the link next to it..





Theory - Referencing

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Hi guys,

little bit lost with the new Network. is this the right "group/place" to post about the PnP framework (including the JS SIG) ?? 

/cc @Vesa Juvonen @Patrick Rodgers

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Hi Luis


I agree its not easy to spot the PnP stuff in this new network.  I did  Ana Chau to see if we could get a our separate PnP area but nothing has happened although

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For now the only "Dev" oriented group is that one...



Im looking into ways for a Document Library to automatically move older documents (or in this case, document sets) to a different Document Library.


The reason behind it is we use a workflow to create document sets when a item is created on a seperate l

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We are doing this exact same mechanism, but dont have any issue with the 5,000.  (In fact, 70,000+ and counting).


Is the 5,000 error on your List or on your Library?



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The problem is that you have reached one of the SharePoint limites in regards of workflows: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262787.aspx#Workflow Try to crea... Read More

The read me indicates "Current version: version deployed with the April 2015 CU: no separate redist (version 15.0.4711.1000)".  However, the build folder is showing what looks like March 2016 PU DLLs.  Can we safely targer April 2015 CU+ environments stil

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So Guys,

We know that custom actions are not supported by the new modren document library experience. I just need to fire a workflow in SharePoint Online using that action. Should i go for custom actions or not as they are only availale in classic exprienc

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The issue is that projects have deadlines to meet and the new document library experience not supporting scriptlinks is affecting these deadlines. I wish Microsoft would ... Read More

Custom Actions are supported, but not all kinds of Custom Actions. For instance you cannot use ScriptLinks, today.

Why do you say custom actions are not supported? They are...even I agree with Paul that it's better to way untill all the new stuff coming to SPO is ready

For now don't implement them or only implement them if you stay with classic upcoming period.

I am trying to follow the pnp partner pack setup process. After closely following instructions and three attempts, I get the oops exception value: null parameter:certificate when loading the pnp site. All of the bits were downloaded from git hub last week... Read More
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We are happy to announce availability of PnP September 2016 release. You can find all release details from the following blog post under dev.office.com

You can also join our mo

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New site content page seems good. The only issue is we don't have any option to do customization. As an example now with new experience all site owners are able to add a "default document library" by clicking on New --> document library. The issue is the

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Currently Microsoft has not shared what are they plans in regards of how we can customize the new experience for documet libraries, lists, site contents page, etc. So I g

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I have just tried to export a standard team site with a few custom columns and when I apply the template I'm getting  


Apply-SPOProvisioningTemplate : The provided template is not valid!


then I tried  the same again with Set-SPOtraceLog  ( see: https://veenstra.me.uk/2016/07/29/office-365-sharepoint-how-to-debug-pnp-provisioning-engine/

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There was an unpublished workflow in my site. Publishing this workflow resolves the issue. 


I think it would be better if the Get-SPOProvisioningtemplate ignored unpublis

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SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) - JavaScript and SP Framework Special Interest Group (SIG) weekly call recording for the 8th of September meeting is now available from PnP YouTube channel at http://aka.ms/sppnp-videos.


Topics covered on 8th of

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I have an existing project built as a farm solution with 2 projects. I want to start switching into the new techniques of doing it.


I want to deploy a master page and set is as the current site’s master page. I saw the examples on PnP but they are from 20

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I suggest that you create a PnP XML template (where you can define where the .master is, and page properties). Then, you can use the PnP provisioning framework to Apply t... Read More
You can also Deploy and Set using SharePoint Workflow if you are so inclined as well if you want.

You can deploy/set master page using PnP PowerShell cmdlets. They work across on prem and O365.  See https://github.com/OfficeDev/PnP-PowerShell

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You don't necessarily need to do by Apps, if you are thinking in a provisioning solution where it's not required the participation of end users, you could write it using ... Read More

I rewrote my first REST library, presented at SPFest DC this year, in TypeScript and wanted to share the latest. It helps construct the url and transforms it if you are in the app web and reduces the number of calls to the server and code required to get

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Nice tip @Gunjan Datta. Would you mind elaborating what the main benefits or differences are between your library and for example the perhaps more widely used Office PnP

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