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We have a custom action in the ribbon of the pages library view. The action calls a url of the App, we are using the following method javascript:LaunchApp(...). As of today we get the following message. Is this due to an update of Microsoft?



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Are you in classic mode or in the new document library UI?



how I can customize the new library experience?


I want to bring the top navigation back.




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Hi all,

to avoid another conversation on the related topic: How do we modify the lists and libraries in future with the "modern experience"?

  • Is JSLink still supported? I di
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Stefan, top navigation will appear in modern pages, but only if you are using the default team site navigation provider - not the publishing navigation provider, or the m... Read More
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In episode 100 of the Office 365 Developer Podcast, Richard diZerega and Andrew Coates are joined by Jeff Teper, the Corporate Vice President of SharePoint and OneDrive. They discuss Jeff’s long and influential history with SharePoint and the future of th

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Really liked the podcast. These kind of interviews really help building the trust on the new direction of SharePoint.

Anybody else frustrated with the lack of programmatic access to SharePoint Online calendar overlays?

Our users, who daily create lots of sites from a template, need to spend valuable time fixing up the overlay urls on each new site, each of which point to

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Hi @Brian Mair,



I just checked out the user voice entry, and it's a single paragraph with a single title to explain the issue - which is very limited. I can't put my vot

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Well, CSOM is continuously evolving and this capability of adding calendar overlays with CSOM could be added...or not..

What exactly is the suggested development workflow for debugging Azure AD apps?


Our scenario is:-


1. App created as a .net (MVC) site with work or school account authentication

2. App run and debugged on local visual studio server, automatically creating t

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In Azure AD apps (external .net projects with work or school accounts) is there a way of incorporating the standard Office 365 navigation?


Currently an icon for any custom app shows in the app launcher, but the app it loads has no links back to Office 365

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Hey SharePoint peeps:
We have problem with SharePoint 2010 Workflow and CSOM on SharePoint Online instance.

Our goal is to provision Site/SiteCollection using CSOM/PnP, with Publishing Infrastructure feature enabled.
We are able to provision lists, set varia

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Hi Pawel,

The hack we use in our stack in cases such as these is screen scrape using JavaScript as the final step. It's not ideal because it requires someone with permissi

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public void WelcomeMessage()
//Welcome to SharePoint Developer discussions on the Office 365 Network.  
//This week at the Worldwide Partner Conference we continued to share the journey for our vision of modern client-side development
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Looks like this community can be great! Keep up the good work

Thanks @Bill Baer,


I'm hoping for a a lot of community and MS collaboration on this network. 


Re Nigel;

The SharePoint Framework availability isn't related to being an MVP

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Hi Bill The question is when will it be out for non-MVPs ? - We have not got to wait until Ignite for it have we ??

Awesome! Finally a community where we can post code samples and share the neat stuff we will be building with SPFx

Looking forward to collaborating.


I have a requirement to perform an action on EVERY page in a site collection.  Examples of this include injecting Javascript, CSS, HTML for things like mega menus, 3rd party analytics trackers, custom branding etc.


Since usercustomactions/scriptlinks/scri

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So far nothing has been mentioned or announced regarding this capability. I'm pretty sure the PG is looking into it and it's fair to expect more information about it as t

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The best addition to your SharePoint On-Premises farm and On-Line Tenancy . OfficeDev / PnP - http://dev.office.com/patterns-and-practices

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Yeat, a must have for your SharePoint developments