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I enabled CDN via powershell as explained here: https://dev.office.com/blogs/office-365-public-cdn-developer-preview-release


According to the documentation I need to wait 15 minutes, its been more than 24 hours and I get File not found error.


I created a

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Have you checked if the extension of your file is amongst the extensions enabled for your CDN?

Using PnP SiteProvisioning framework OfficeDevPnP.Core (v. 2.7.1609.3).


Extracting template from SharePoint Online with lcid 1033 (English site) and applying to english OnPrem 2013 site => everytning ok

Extracting template from SharePoint Online with lcid

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Are you using a Developer tenant in SP Online? I'm asking cos that content type ID has only a search result in the entire Google here!:



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Hello guys,


I am trying to find a way to debug my local SPFx workbench (react, typescript webpart) from Visual Studio Code instead from Chrome, but I could not find any guides on how to attach the Chrome to Visual Studio Code and hit a breakpoint. Are the

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Hi Velin, It's possible to debug client side JS in VSC via Chrome Debugger protocol while executing accessing JS App in Chrome. There is an extension for this and nice de... Read More



In this PnP Webcast, we concentrate on how you programmatically can create modern pages and how to update them. Modern pages are the default page type for both modern SharePoint sites as for classic SharePoint team sites, hence being able to use CSOM t

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I am trying to upload document to SharePoint Online along with meta data using PowerShell CSOM 



$Context = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext($siteURL)
$Creds = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.SharePointOnlineCredentials($User,$P
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Your first script is working, please check if you have got the GUID from
Site Settings -> Term Store Management Tool -> select group ->term set --> select term --> Unique ... Read More

Hi all I have been following the tutorial here to develop a sharepoint provider add in in sharepoint online.




This works fine when i view

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Hi all for info I followed the tutorial here it was very good many thanks vesa!

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We have a document library in which the requirement is to add 20+ custom columns (Meta data). 

Adding custom columns (Meta data) to document libary helps to search the documents easily by providing required criteria.

Is it good to add so many additional

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Agree with some of the fellow posters, I try to steer clients towards 3-5 columns worth of metadata at most. 3 tends to be the most common, 5 is more for strict publishin

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I don't think that's gonna work if you later want to show/query all the fields (like in a List View). From my experience, once I tried to add like 14 metadata columns to

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There are limitations around the use of columns. These are described in this article (written for SharePoint 2013 but still applicable as far as I know)


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I have a hybrid environment with a publishing site on premises and collaboration sites in SharePoint Online.  I have some scripts that need to run against both environments (independently, not simultaneously -- there will be one run of the script for each

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Okay, I figured out that I need to target the SharePointPnPPowerShell[2013|2016|Online].psd1 file and not the .DLL.  That solves the main issue above.  I also found the -

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When the feature pack to enable the SharePoint framework on on-premises SharePoint 2016 installs eventually comes out, will it still require the whole add-in domain setup? Or will SharePoint Framework apps work independantly of this requirement?

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Addin-webs are not used in SPFx-based solutions so I'm pretty sure on-prem SPFx support will not require this full add-in infrastructure to be set up. 




I have noticed that certain lists on SharePoint Online can be saved as a template and appear in the List Gallery but cannot be added as an app.  In my case I want a provision an archive library. Done a bit of research and this was previously a problem

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@Vesa Juvonen has posted a pretty good article on customizing the "modern" experience in SharePoint Online:



I think the effort MS has put into not supporting/allowing customizat

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At this point still I'm advising my clients to stick with Classic Pages until more progress is made on the Modern Ones. Simple things such as being able to change the hea

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How can we share a complete document library like in classic view? We have about 30 folders in the library and we allways share all of them.

for now we stick to classic vi

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thx @Oliver Zeiser for starting this thread. We are absolutely interested on input around this. Would like to also point out that whatever is currently supported from cus

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SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) - JavaScript Special Interest Group (SIG) bi-weekly call recording for the 16th of March, 2017 meeting is now available from PnP YouTube channel at http://aka.ms/sppnp-videos.

Topics covered on 16th of March 2017

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    Just a post to inform that there is a bug (or maybe a feature?) where you cannot modify property bag values on root tenant site. For example:



    Even as a global administrator you will receive 'access denied' message when t

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    Thanks guys for answers. Actually I have tried it on two different tenants, and received the same results.
    Basically, when running my JSOM & CSOM scripts on
    >> https://sometenant.sharepoint.com/

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    Have you tried SP DEV tools extension for Chrome? 




    I do nopt have any mode

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    Weird. I haven't had that issue. However, I've read that with Modern team sites, you cannot Access or Update property bags:
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    have not run into this issue yet

    Just wanted to ask about timing on the SharePoint Framework rollout.  Still getting message that sppkg packages are not valid in my tenant so was hoping to understand how long it should take to see this rollout?




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    Just a quick update - I have removed the web part package entirely from the App catalog and re-uploaded the package. The expected Deploy prompt dialog appeared and the pa... Read More

    Hi David


    If you go to <tanancy>/_layouts/workbench.aspx then click F12 then when the development tools come up click on debugger. At about line 13 what is the date here :

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    First thing I'd try is using the Upload button from the File ribbon in the SharePoint Apps catalog.

    If you have the SharePoint Lists and Libraries Experience option in Sha... Read More

    I have seen the CRUD exmple to accss data within SharePoint.




    I'm looking for an example that accesses an OData service that gets it daat from my on-premises SQL Server database. Does such an examp

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    Is both SharePoint & SQL On-Premises for you? If so, a simpler solution might be to go with Business Connectivity Services (BCS) to connect to SQL. You would then be able

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    I think that for this scenario is where the Add-in model still fits well.
    Another option could be to build an Azure AD App securing a custom WebAPI. That web API can get d... Read More
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