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Regarding the Private CDN (https://dev.office.com/blogs/general-availability-of-office-365-cdn) is it possible to set a non-SharePoint location as the origin of the files to be served through the private CDN? Or is the whole premise behind it that they mu

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This is not possible. Office 365 CDN only works with origins from SharePoint Online and for usage at SharePoint Online. 

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Using the Office Dev PnP provisioning engine I've managed to deploy a site in multiple languages. We managed to localize just a few of the web part titles shown on the welcome page of our site:

  • The web part titles of our announcements, tasks and documents
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Hi Harold,


I did a big multi langual project and managed to get it working for all my webparts. In my experience your need to put the language tokens in bot the pnp:webpa

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Hi Harold,


I have currently a very similar problem: Some webpart titles "accept" the ressource-string others just always display their english title.

I'm using SharePpoint

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I have written the CSOM code to get all the document library items after a particular modified time and storing them in the database.

If a user deletes an item from library, I am getting the items from (Web and Site Recycle Bins) and marking it as Delet

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In this PnP Webcast, we concentrate on introducing new community driven Visual Studio extension for SharePoint Framework solutions. The Visual Studio Extension for SharePoint Framework wraps the command-line UI of the Microsoft Yeoman Generator (yo @microsoft

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I saw the news today and tested out the CDN feature in a SharePoint Online tenant with first release.


I enabled both the public and private CDNs, created libraries, and added origins.


I can reference items through the public CDN using the URL htts://publi

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After my big-ol' post yesterday (elsewhere in this thread) I've learned a few things and managed to get this to work with assets [haven't tried to host SPFx web parts yet

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Hi @Jason Warren,

private CDN works automatically for publishing pages if it refers assets from the CDN origins. This is fully automatic and built in the page processing.

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Hello everyone!

I have a very strange issue. I have created a workflow with SharePoint Designer 2013 for SharePoint Online Portal.


My workflow works with my account with full permissions but it doesn't for other users with Edit access. I created a new user

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This is a strange issue. Best option will be to Get ULS logs and check them. They might be some issues with Workflow Service configuration.


Use ULSViewer and get the logs

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Hi Everyone,


I have about 100 items in my sharepoint list.I have a requirement wherein the list header and first three rows has to be freezed on scrolling down through the list.I could freeze the header row using javascript.Can someone suggest me how can

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I would drop 2 list webparts on to the page, the first webpart, modify the view to show the first 3 rows.


The second webpart, modify the view to show the rest of the rows

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I've used http://spoodoo.com/products/stickyheaders-for-sharepoint/ before. I'd imagine you could modify it to do what it does and also grab the top 3 (with enough coffee... Read More

Has anyone had any luck changing the SiteCollection url in SharePoint Online using CSOM?




Here's a code sample (using OfficedDevPnP

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what is the context when you add

var tenant=tenant(context) ??



I am trying to get all of the lists within a subweb :-


Get-PnPLists -Web Https://sometenant.sharepoint.com/sites/this-site


This keeps returning a FileNotFound error message.


I have tried

$subwebs= Get-PnPSubWebs

foreach ($subweb in $subwebs)



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Try the below. Currently it seems -web is not working, alternatively you can connect to each subsite and then get the lists in those subsite.


$cred= Get-Credential
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Hello All-


I am adding a column in custom view. Working fine, but while checking if this column exist in the view

getting unusual issue. There is no error but simply this code is not working. Debugger is not going inside if statement always going else and

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i am affraid you will need to use a third party product like ShareGate.

I am trying to build a SP Hosted add-in that also shows the Lync presence real time via the add-in part. However, I can only get the hover to show the Lync contact card, etc. However, the presence indicator (jellybean) would not change with the change is

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Hi SharePoint Experts,


I am a business guy that is trying to develop my department's SharePoint Online site. I understand the benefits, and know the basics of the "Quick Launch menu" links (navigation specific to the site) and top "Navigation Menu Bar" li

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If you are sticking with the classic UI, i'd recommend doing a bit of custom code (specifically CSS either by using the alternate CSS set on the /_layouts/15/ChangeSiteMa... Read More

Is it somehow possible to use the file picker control which is being used by Microsofts Client-Side Web Parts (like the Document or Quick links Web Parts) in our own Web Parts?


2017-05-09 11_51_04-Just Links and 8 more pages ‎- Microsoft Edge.jpg


I have the requirement to implement a file picker for a certain Web Part and

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Sorry to ask you directly, but can you help out maybe? @Vesa Juvonen @Waldek Mastykarz

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HI All,


I have a sample application in React which will give the sample list items in table view. Now I want to package it and run it in sharepoint on premise .


Can anyone say How to package and run it .



Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Ramadurai,
the deployment of SharePoint Framework applications is currently only possible on SharePoint Online Tenants.

It is planned to support On-Premise installations... Read More