SharePoint Framework v1.7 now available - Teams integration, app pages, list subscriptions and more!

Mike Ammerlaan

Many new capabilities are now in preview bring the best of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint together:


  • New application pages support: a new capability to host ‘whole-page’ experiences, built with all of the tools and foundation of SharePoint Framework
  • Share Microsoft Teams tabs as web parts and application pages.
  • Share SharePoint Framework web parts as Microsoft Teams tabs

In addition, we have list subscription capabilities also available in preview, where you can dynamically track updates to SharePoint lists and libraries from script.

In addition, we’re also making some additional capabilities generally available:


  • Dynamic Data and Web Part Connections, which allow developers and page designers to share data across parts, extensions, and the page context
  • Tooling in SharePoint Framework for developing SharePoint Server 2019 on-premises solutions

For more info, check out the blog and release notes

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