Enterprise Navigation?

Brent Ellis
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Enterprise Navigation?

Since Build was last week, curious if there are any new specific announcements, but has there been any movement on doing some customization at the site/site collection level with modern SharePoint?


Specifically looking to be able to do things like apply some custom code for enterprise navigation (across all site collections), and inject code for Google Analytics.


To date, I've only seen the ability to do things on a single page, or a single list/library.

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Re: Enterprise Navigation?

It looks like there are some new capabilities coming to the SharePoint Framework that will address some of this - good write up here http://www.andrewconnell.com/blog/modern-jslink-custom-actions-and-more-coming-to-the-sharepoint-fra...

Re: Enterprise Navigation?

Would have a look on following resources. SharePoin Framework Extensions are coming soon, which will enable you to embed JavaScript to pages among other things.



Build recordings contains live demos for this capability.

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