Introducing SharePoint modern list/library web parts

Customizing modern page experiences in SharePoint is essential to advancing adoption and relevance of the SharePoint-based digital workplace.  Over the coming weeks, we will start the rollout of the modern list/library viewer web part to First Release Users.


Previously, modern lists and libraries were restricted to being shown in the default page for each list or library.  The first editions of these web parts allow you to also embed custom views of a list or library to a modern SharePoint page, alongside previously released parts such as Text, Image or Embed.   Documents or items can be opened directly from the view, and we will soon add more capabilities to the command bar.


For more guidance on using the new web parts, please see:

·       List: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Use-the-List-web-part-on-a-modern-page-ef0a1b80-f8b3-443d-b...

·       Library: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Use-the-Document-Library-web-part-on-a-modern-page-a9dfecc3...


Please continue to watch the TechCommunity for the latest rollout news for this part.  Thanks.


Great feature - yet another step towards replacing the classic experience - keep it up :-)

Great!!! Glad to see those webparts are finally coming!

Great! I was waiting for this so long. @Chris McNulty do you know if the calendar view for list will be available? 

Awesome! :D


Great!! :) 

im guessing we still need modern calendar ?

Lo espero con mucho, mucho interés 

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Is there planned the ability to be able to connect webparts?


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Love it that we won't have to create new views with a limited display count and that the webpart itself has a "Size" parameter.

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Great! CSWP next please 😀

@unnie ayilliath The highlighted content wp is the new cswp more or less.

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 @Mikael Svenson Agreed. I like that its easier for business user to configure highlighted content wp (no more request for slideshow webparts) than traditional CSWP. Will there be no CSWP for modern experience? 


@Chris McNulty Are you rolling to First Release users? or First Release tenants? The PowerBI web part only rolled to First Release tenants.

Stealing thunder from the May event.. :-)

Great news the evolution of classic experience go forward 😉


Much awaited feature indeed very helpful !!

I hope they give us a good heads up when they plan to remove classic and keep modern. I have my sites set to Classic currently due to lack of webparts.
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Happy to see we get less and less dependant on the classic experience! Thanks guys

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Still waiting to see this on any of our three tenants, for two of them all users are 1st release and for our production we are 2 with 1st release. 

I hope to see some more features added for navigation between libraries.


Keep the improvements coming.

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Is there anything we need to do, to get this functionality? I dont have it yet, First Release configured.


It is still only rolled to a smaller subset of first release users so far.  We'll announce when it goes to tenant wide First Release, keeping in mind we'll move in randomized tenant rings (1%, 5%, 10%, 25%, 50%, 100%)'in First Release and then in General Release.  Thanks for asking.

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Arrived in my tenant in the last couple days (global first release). 


Very nice! We can use this immediately.




That's great news :-) One of our customers has the web parts.

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Hi @Chris McNulty,


Heads up, looks like .msg files are not yet supported for the document library web part.

When I click one nothing happens.

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I see on this link: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Use-the-Events-web-part-5fe4da93-5fa9-4695-b1ee-b0ae4c98190...  there is an 'events' modern web part.   This isn't listed on the options of MWPs available to add (you can see the icon for it on this page: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/web-parts-336e8e92-3e2d-4298-ae01-d404bbe751e0 ), and doesn't seem to be available on any user's tenants (first release or otherwise) I've checked.


Just wondering when this would be rolled out?

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Our tenant cannot view these new changes other then in our development environment.  When is Microsoft rolling it out?


@Andrew Wilson - The Events web part is rolling out as part of the communication sites roll-out currently in progress. I believe it's currently at 10% First Release tenants now. Once it rolls out it will also be available on Team sites.


We also showed off, and will be shortly rolling out, a Group Calendar web part that may be more appropriate for team sites (connecting to your shared exchange calendar).

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Brilliant, thanks for the reply John :-)


Edit-it's now available, thanks! (Along with some new column layout options too!)

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Hi @Chris McNulty,


I've just noticed that the "Image/Picture" column is not shown as an image when using the list webpart, and instead shows the URL of the Image as text.

Is this something that will be working when it's out of Preview?

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I'm also interested in the question regarding the "Image/Picture" column in the modern page list webpart. Can we expect the images to be displayed in the future?

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Modern document library webpart does not allow drag&drop document upload. Out clients liked this feature very much in classic style. Any upgrades to come, as the webpart is still in 'preview'?


Hi @Chris McNulty, do we know if we will have a webpart for promoted links?  I can see the promoted links apps is already modernised but this would be of no use if there is no webpart.  Thanks, S

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Are there plans to support drag and drop into the new experience library web part?

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The LIST web part for modern experience in our tenant still as (Preview). Has this not been released yet? Could that be the reason why I can't call up my lists and only the "reusable" ones?