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If your organization enables Excel Services for SharePoint to enable BI, we have some updates on what has changed with SharePoint Server 2016 BI. Updates include architecture changes to the SharePoint-based on-premises Microsoft BI Stack and how you can b

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Does Microsoft even official released the SharePoint 2016 yet?

Great to see SharePoint BI is still under Microsoft investment even today PowerBi is the new altenative. 

Hi Guys


In my on-premises SharePoint 2013 farm I have configured another domain as a two-way non transitive trust. I'm using the SharePoint farm to host PowerPoivot workbooks with BISM connections to an analysis services (same domain where I hosted my Sha

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When will the embed PowerBI Report Modern Webpart be available in SharePoint Online. This was shown at ignite a long time ago but, there has been no news about it since then.

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Power BI embedded in SPO is going to be available in a few weeks

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I’ve been working to move a lot of my Excel reports to SharePoint from our file shares and have our users interact with them either directly through Excel online.  A lot of my reports contain data that reside in the workbook’s data model (PowerPivot).  It

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I see you are with the University of Wisconsin?  Is your Office 365 tenant in the govt Cloud?  I found out the hard way that Data models in Excel ARE NOT supported in the

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I am looking to have an active data connection from an Excel file in Excel Services on SharePoint Online (O365) that has a data connection to an on-premises SQL database.


Need to be able to have data refresh work like it does with SharePoint on-premises.


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Actually, SPO has been using Excel Online (not Excel Services) for quite some time now. The Excel Services capabilities were moved over. Excel is still totally viable (an... Read More

I should also add, because I just tested it, and it works.


An Excel workbook that is connected directly to a SQL server, and then connected to Power BI (either from OneDr

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If you're talking about Excel Online in Office 365 connecting to on prem data, that is possible with the Gateway if you're using PowerPivot. You can use Power BI to sched

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Definitively, Power BI has to be the way to go since I expect Excel Services will dissapear at some time from SPO as it happens in SP 2016

Can anyone tell me what the options are for displaying Power BI dashboards inside SharePoint on-prem?  And can you display individual charts as well?


Are there different options available for SharePoint Online?


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That story is evolving. As noted above, building an app is likely your only option, but that should change over the next few months.
I think the only actual solution is tu use Azure PowerBI Embedded feature. You can read more about it here. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/power-bi-embedded/ Read More

For a Client of mine i am trying to create a dashboard of all documents in a sitecollection.

it was no problem with odata.feed. but problem with that was that i can not schedule it to refresh.


i finally used web.contents. to refresh the data this works but

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Sorry @Treb Gatte it is still not working just tested it a moment a go..
sorry for my late reply i am going to check it!

Have you worked through this blog post's code? This might provide some hints. http://makingthings.work/connect-power-bi-to-sp-search/

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We released a free Power BI News aggregation app today for Windows 10. Download it here: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9NBLGGH51KVR  As this is a v1, any and all feedback is welcome.

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V2 came out yesterday with enhancements. The release details are here: http://community.powerbi.com/t5/Service/Power-BI-News-App-for-Windows-10-released/m-p/63802#M12412 Read More
Great idea given how quickly Power BI iterates... what chance an iOS app too? :)

Is there any way to find the Week Number from a Date field using a custom column in POWER BI desktop app

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In the Query Editor, select the date column. Go to the Add column tab. Under the Date button on the right side of the ribbon, select Week, then week of the year. That's t... Read More
Rashid, didn't catch, replacement of what? WEEKNUM in DAX works fine, or you mean Power Query? Here is also some function.

Didn’t find the latest news about that, do I understand correctly the feature is not implemented so far? If so, any hopes when it could be?

More exactly I speak about Excel2016 model published on SP2016. We are only going to deploy SP2016.

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It's supposed to happen "soon". It's a top priority of the SSAS team who owns this feature.
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Why not a standalone Power BI Group?

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We would need an app to consolidate all MS discussion sites in one page :P
Fortunately "BI and Data Analysis" appeared under the Excel group. Not exactly Power BI, but very close. You have to have good temper to follow community.powerbi.com on d... Read More
You can always visit http://community.powerbi.com

Agree. It's in the Yammer network. I'm going to need a wider monitor for all of these browser tabs......

Hi Pawel- thanks for the question. For now we recommend going to http://community.powerbi.com/ for general PowerBI questions that don't involve SharePoint. 

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Hi folks,

Last weekend in London, I had the pleasure to present a session at SPS Events London "Bringing data to life using Power BI" - hopefully you will find the slides for your benefit! http://www.slideshare.net/techChirag/bringing-your-data-to-life-using-power-bi-sps-london-2016

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Thanks for sharing Chirag, the resources slide is always interesting
Thanks Peatrick.

Usefull, thanks!