Sharepoint list data imported into Excel 2016 using Odata:Does not refresh when published to Sharepo

Rajashekhar Sheelvant
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Using Excel 2013 it was possible to import the list(s) data from SharePoint online into excel using OData option. This excel when uploaded to SharePoint document library, It was possible to perform the real-time refresh of the data so that the excel pulls the information directly from the SharePoint list into the excel online(not from excel on local machine).


Based on my experiments i have written couple of Blogs here : 

Excel for BI Reporting and Publishing Through SharePoint - Part 1
Excel for BI Reporting and Publishing Through SharePoint – Part 2

However, in Excel 2016 it doesn't seem to work. I get the error when i try to refresh. This was a good feature to be used by people who are happy with mini custom application driven through SharePoint.


Can anyone tell why this is not working now? and how to report this ?


Thank you..



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Try this as your source step in Power Query, after replacing the parts in italics with your own info:


OData.Feed("https://yourdomain.sharepoint.com/sites/yoursite/_api/web", null, [Implementation="2.0"])

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