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The most used feature in our organization by a long shot, when will Document Sets become part of the "Modern Interface"?  Right now, it is too disruptive of an experience for our users to move between modern and classic in a library with Document Sets.

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Hi, could someone from around here please give changing document set metadata a try while the modern ui is active?


Previously (sometime last month) I would be able to cre

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We're in the same boat. Heavy use of docsets preventing us from enabling the modern UI
Hey Brent, there is no official word on modernizing Document Sets. My guess is it may come eventually, but we don't know for sure. Likely they will focus on improving som... Read More
Thanks for the question! How are you using Documents Sets within your organization?

We have (and continue) to leverage SPD 2010 workflows to do item-level permissions on many business solutions.


SPD 2013 and Flow don't really have options to do this to date.  Is there any specific modern technology that can handle item-level permissions

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thats pretty much the first thing I've searched for when trying out flow today :)
If you want to get your hand a bit dirty - have a look at how PowerShell for PnP can be used to wrap around elevated calls such as break and assign permission, and wrap t... Read More
I know that Flow is getting more governance around it - including some stuff that I believe was released yesterday (a flow admin console I think? can't remember - the fir... Read More
And as always, be careful of what you're doing. Remember that these items will disappear from view, and if the workflow is not straight forward, you might not realize a d... Read More

Hi @Brent Ellis , 


To answer your question about "modern" tools, Flow is not the tool for that at the moment.  However, the good news is that you can do that today using

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Currently SP mobile does not seem to respect the desktop navigation configuration for the site. This means that even if we change the site navigation settings we still see the current site, pages, objects in the mobile app hamburger menu. This forces us t... Read More
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Happy to help share some challenges we are seeing if he wants to reach out..

There are some limitations in the current versions of the mobile apps, but the team is definitely looking at how to improve navigation.  I'll ping Nate on our team to mak

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At this moment, on SharePoint Online, if you choose to use Managed Navigation the Menu will not appear on the Modern Library Experience. Is there a way to fix this?


Thank you,

Ionut Lazar

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Managed navigation was listed in the '2017 Top of mind' category on the Document Libraries Product roadmap slide that was displayed at Ignite. It's the fourth slide down

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Rapid change is the norm in Office365 anymore. I love how the Microsoft team is watching the uservoice items and adding them quickly to Office365 instead of having to wai... Read More
Lonut. The community as a whole has been very vocal about this. And the side navigation has recently been changed in first adoption tenants, so I believe we'll see change... Read More
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Why are we losing the simple "script editor" / "embed" capability in modern sharepoint.


I understand SPFX is the future, and that I will have to learn all of that stuff at some point, but even glancing at some of the basic tutorials, it is like a giant pr

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Also Brent if you haven't watched BRK2115, THR2153, or BRK2114 on SPFx from MSIgnite, I highly recommend them.
There was something posted on the Script Editor web part missing from SPFx posted on Microsoft's GitHub page: https://github.com/SharePoint/sp-dev-docs/wiki/Why-SPFx Read More

Hey Brent. Just to clarify you're acknowledging that it still can be done, but it's just too difficult (making sure we can bring this to the SHarePoint team).


From my non

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Welcome to the Microsoft SharePoint Ask Microsoft Anything! This live hour gives you the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback directly to the product team and engage with our MVPs!


Please post your question in a new thread. You can view

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Kiril here - SharePoint architect from Bulgaria, Sofia. Happy to join!

mm i am just to late :-(
Just in for some minutes before my flight to Europe departs :-)
Naomi Moneypenny, late but here in person IRL in Redmond, CTO at ManyWorlds :) SharePoint is my long time love :)

I know there is a deep link between the SP site created by MS Teams and Office 365 which can be jeopardized if an admin deletes the site collection – but is there a way to see a listing of these sites somewhere in SP admin portal?


I would very much like t

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The team is working on making the modern team sites connected to Office 365 groups more visible in the admin UI; but for today, an admin can run a Powershell command to f... Read More
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We have done extensive work creating organized team sites (think information architecture) for our organization in classic sharepoint


As we look as starting to create Groups for various departments, projects, etc that have existing SharePoint sites, do yo

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The team is wokring on plans to enable various capabilities to "groupify" classic team sites. The team is looking at a phased approach and we'll have more to share soon.

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Brent. So the first answer - duplicates are bad, especially because search will find them!


I would be curious how you do you currently do global navigation. You bring up

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Though there is no timeline, they have said in the past that existing SharePoint Team Sites will eventually get associated to an Office 365 Group. Though details have not... Read More

We'd like to provision a new team site based on a custom template from the SharePoint homepage on #SPO. Currently it creates a team site based on the standard team site template (with an O365 group). We've seen on the admin portal the ability to provide a

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Hi Cedric would PNP be a Option?

I assume you've seen what's coming out starting next week:



There will be m

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For years we have leverage supported techniques (such as UserCustomActions) to do site-collection branding, 3rd party analytics, and most importantly customization such as enterprise mega-menus.


Is there any guidance yet on how/if we will be able to do th

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The guideance for modern sites is a bit in flux these days. Classic mode can be used with your existing methods. I'd recommend looking at client side options as much as p... Read More

I want to modify the SharePoint icon for all users in the Office 365 App Launcher to make it stand out. How can I achieve this?

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It is not possible yet. It is a user individual setting

What is the best practice for organizing documents: folders or metadata? I try to explain the benefits of organizing by metadata, but my users are skeptical.

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Metadata is not fun to put on documents but overall it is a better solution.  There are use cases where folders can be used and are still better in my opinion.  I put a s

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huge fan of doing the 'flat' view and never using folders and requiring Managed Metadata. SharePoint is not an Exchange Public Folder or network File Share, IMHO. Structu... Read More

Here's a fun way to describe the arguement from Folder to Metadata. A refrigerator. A folder is a single location. Metadata is a location & lots of other features.


Folders vs Metadata the refrigeratorFolder

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You can actually meet halfway, "emulate" the behavior of folders by using metadata. This is an old post but still applies: http://meetdux.com/2009/05/15/how-to-emulate-network-shares-in-a-sharepoint-document-library/... Read More

Metadata wherever it meets your needs.

Folders are REQUIRED if you want to scope SYNC: Sync is per-folder.


Great compromise:


1) Create folders AND a corresponding met

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Request you to provide latest update on limitations of using SPO REST API, particularily
1. Column types not supported. e.g. metadata column, etc.
2. REST URL length for SPD (I believe it is less than 200 characters)




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Here is the uservoice entry for the managed metadata capabilities via REST.  I agree this would be a handy addition and have tossed votes on it:


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Related: I recommend you read up on "REST API Batching for Apps for SharePoint". Andrew Connell did some blog posts about that. $batch.
Thanks for the question - there isn't an update at this time but the team is aware. You can also post a request on UserVoice at https://sharepoint.uservoice.com. Make sur... Read More

I've learned a ton about the new modern libraries, modern team sites, O365 groups creating modern team sites, and some of the new fun SharePoint Framework (SPFx) stuff. Client-Side web parts are coming soon (image, carousel, video, listview, document hook

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Thanks Randy...would love to just see some samples or how the publishing sites is using it. I'm up to speed on how PixelMill and Powell 365 are doing their branding stuff... Read More
I replied to some of this in a different thread here, but it sounds like you are looking at the right stuff. I'd stay tuned to the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and modern ... Read More
Hi guys!

I like the way things are gradually moving towards standards used in the web; however, what I don't really like is the way we have to discard most of our knowledge every time a new SP version is released. It happened with SP 2007 farm solutions, t... Read More
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My concerns are mainly Sharpoint Online, since I think that's where the future of SP is going. I know SP on premises will not go away, but Sharepoint As A Service will ov... Read More

SharePoint has always been used as a go-between systems in and outside the Microsoft ecosystem of software and services. 1st and 3rd party capabilities have been around f

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Hey Daniel. It's a very common question and the frustration is heard around the world. My interpretation is that the SharePoint Framework is a step that is designed to av

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I guess this is going to be kinda hard one: There is currently bug when title extracted from pdf documents always used as title in search, event when item title is put first and extracted title is last in managed metadata properties.


When can we expect th

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Thank you for joining us during this special SharePoint MVP AMA! Here is a Word document summary of what was covered as well as a Sway below.


Stay tuned and I hope to see you next time!


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Thanks for joining us!

Thank you! This was great! Though I miss saying YamJam!
Thanks to everone, very informative.
Seems like the key topics were:
* Office 365 Groups
* Modern sites/lists/libraries
* SharePoint Branding
* Modern Publishing sites
* SPFx development, webhooks, etc. Read More

What is the difference between STS#0 and EHS#1? they appear to create the exact thing?


When creating new collections, when should we use the Team Site - SPO configuration template on the Enteriprise tab instead of the Team site on the Collaboration tab?

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Fantastic question, Dean! On my radar as well.
We're all waiting for that answer :) Thanks for asking :)

You're full of good questions!  Going to "phone a friend" on that one: @Jeremy Mazner

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I see SC features such as Content Syndication Hub (which cannot be used in SPO becuase there already is a CT Hub provided), Duet (which we don't have) , Project Web app, Sample Proposal, SP 2007 Workflows and others. Activating these will only cause probl

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You can customize the waffle/triple cheeseburger now, so, that's somethin'. A new SharePoint Online admin center feature that allows admins the ability to show or hide "N... Read More
I can say for the Project Web App, that is in the system because if you have Project Online license you can activate that feature and take advantage of the functionality.... Read More
Lots of work/planning to restructure the SPO admin center - some moved to the Office 365 admin level, some moved to the coming OneDrive for Business admin center, and cer... Read More

Fair question!  Will raise this to the team.  The answer will 'depend' but worth looking into!

Are there any plans to provide the ability to use SP Search to find content in MS Teams, PowerApps, PowerBI or Sway?

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+1 for Delve/Office Graph to solve this opportunity.
Microsoft is looking into expanding search for these other services and the Graph is where these will most likely surface.
Hello all.
In sharepoint add-in development its usual, and recommended that it stages in pre production environment before go live to production. In SharePoint online its usual to use two site collections to represent this stages. That app catalog is share... Read More
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Great workarounds!

Hey @Carlos Sá , you cannot have two App Catalogs per tenant at the moment, but I found a way in which you could go around in which you can show different apps to people.

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For years we've worked on adding to SharePoint using different injection mechanisms as it doesn't give all companies everything they want.


Now with the modern SharePoint we currently don't have this option.


When will we get that so that we can turn modern

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Modern SharePoint sites are moving towards a more structured method of customization based around client side scripting with the SharePoint Framework (SPFx). You can make... Read More
Great feedback indeed. The team is working hard at enabling extensibility in many ways to the modern pages/sites all around. Take a look at this previous thread for more ... Read More

Is there a plan to add columns/metadata to the OOS experience?.. Creating docs through OOS means a user is not prompted to enter Metadata

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By OOS do you mean Office Online Server? Sorry confused Hal.

As far as I know, that is not currently in the plan.  However, that is great feedback that you should give to the Product Group trough UserVoice so they know that it's im

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Hello, in my test tennat i have o365 groups enabled, and it works, even cretes team site for the group and link to in in the outlook/mail group ribbon. I have settings for new team sites in o365 admin sharepoint section.  All users set on first release. B

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From this blog post, note the end FAQ: "Create connected SharePoint Online team sites in seconds" [11/7/2016]: https://blogs.office.com/2016/11/08/create-connected-sharepoint-online-team-sites-in-seconds/    

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It started rolling out for First Release customers Yesterday, so you should see it any day now! 


We are currently migrating to Office365 and realized that there isn't an easy way to bring in custom attributes for a user, we had a custom solution on the on-prem SP2010 and added custom attributes in MySite for people to search for people on these att

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Hi Ronnie, when migrating the custom Profile Properties from On-Prem to SPO, you could use the Profile Properties Update API for SharePoint Online. Check out this blog po

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Hi Ronnie, are you talking about the ability to add custom user profile properties in O365 ?

I've been following (and using) all the "modern" updates (libraries/lists/pages,etc.) in O365/SharePoint, and trying to keep up. But some of our content (and our users) still need the "classic," for one reason or another.


Can you assure us that the classi

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Thanks Mark. How about the migration path from Classic pages to Modern pages?
What migration path/tools MS will bring available in order to switch from classic pages to modern pages? End of Calendar 2017 seems a really optimistic target... is that ... Read More

Classic list, library and site functionality certainly top of mind and something we take very seriously. We have no immediate plans to remove classic views/capabilities u

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There is a toggle option with most the updates. This was demonstrated a lot at MS Ignite. Also, if you're signed up to be a first run tenant or whatever they call it, you... Read More
As announced, it will stay as long as until the end of 2017 - check out this blog post https://blogs.office.com/2016/06/07/modern-document-libraries-in-sharepoint/
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When will the modern wiki & publishing webpages/sites for first release tenants occur?  We are waiting to build our intranet until those features are available.  It is critical to our organization that SharePoint be responsive & have webpage such as Power

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Most of our SharePoint users will be out in the field during work hours and need access to the tools on various mobile devices.  Embedding the new web-parts/apps (Power-B

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David Cohen and Andy Haon did a great demo at MSIgnite. Companies and their employees need an out-of-the-box way to present important information to their employees and c... Read More
You can learn a whole lot more from this #MSIgnite session: “Discover the new SharePoint content publishing experiences” on-demand BRK2040 sessions recording: https://myignite.microsoft.com/videos/1352... Read More

Actually it depends a bit on the specific functionality.


MODERN PAGES is now deployed to First Release and is on its way to production (IIRC).  Modern pages act very mu

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That date has not been released formally that I know of; I heard H1 2017 at MSIgnite. When the date is released, I would expect to see it at http://fasttrack.microsoft.com/roadmap

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With the concept of the "citizen developer" that was mentioned at Ignite this year, it appears the custom development/architecture opportunities for service organizations are becoming much more limited. What is Microsoft seeing as potential opportunities

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Another consideration is the recently launched http://appsource.com - there are opportunities for both ISV and System Integrators / Consulting organizations:



... Read More
From my perspective, a developer, the custom dev opportunities are not limited they are just changing. Previously we had server side code and web parts, InfoPath, and Sha... Read More
Huge opportunities for ISVs and Microsoft Partners. Huge. Just got to capitalize on the opportunities. Look at some of the work Powell 365 is doing. Building apps that li... Read More
Partners will still be able to build business applications - connect lists together - and use SharePoint in traditional and new ways. As a former consultant I understand ... Read More

There's a huge amount of opportunities for partners as well as internal IT partners. With citizen developers there's a lot of understanding that needs to be embedded in t

... Read More

Hi, i have one more simple question - does jslink for fields still work for fields in modern lists?

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I think this will come about the same time that we get the ability to brand the modern sites.
Vladimir. At this time you are correct. jslink does not currently work on the modern lists but it definitely something the team is looking at. They want to do it right so... Read More

We'd like to provide the ability for people to easily see what they have shared both internally vs externally in their doc libraries and in OneDrive.  Currently it is quite difficult since you have to look in each folder and each file.  Is there an easy w

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@Jeff McDonald Please make sure this suggestion is on http://sharepoint.uservoice.com ... if it is, vote it up. If it's not, add it.  Send me the link to the suggestion (

... Read More

There are a number of analytics views in place today, and it's pretty light (per file analytics withint he OneDrive for Business UI/app, site analytics on the new modern

... Read More
Hi Jeff,
I haven't seen or heard of anything that will give you insights on sharing at the overall library level or reports.
We've seen more and more updates on the user ex... Read More
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