We’re excited to announce the release of new DLP recommendations for unprotected sensitive information in Office 365. This insight-driven recommendation helps you keep your sensitive content secure when its stored and shared in Office 365 by informing you when there’s a possible gap in your DLP policy coverage – we even provide an “easy button” to turn on a customized DLP policy to keep that content protected.


To see the recommendation, visit the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center homepage at https://protection.office.com and look for the “Recommended for you” section on the right side. (If you don’t see it yet – click “+More”) If you have content that isn’t protected by one of our top 5 sensitive information types, you’ll see a breakdown of what kind of content was detected, and an option to “Get started” for more details.


DLP recommendations 1.pngDLP recommendations 2.png

We look forward to your feedback!

The Office 365 Information Protection team


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Is this feature part of E3 or E5? 


This is included in Office 365 DLP, which is included in E3 and E5.

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Is there any way to apply DLPolicies to Yammer and/or Teams conversations?

@Dean Gross: Not yet i think, although @Adam Jung would know better 😁. Dlp is working on Exchange and SharePoint (including OneDrive for business and Office Groups). But i have not seen it working on Yammer. I do doubt if it will ever though.


Office 365 DLP does not yet cover Yammer and Teams conversations, but this is something we are evaluating for the future.