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I am evaluating SQL Server 2016 in-database integration with R on Windows 10. I have followed the steps installed all components and scripts. Now I have following questions:

Where does sp_execute_external_script reside? I can’t find it. When I run script,

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RTVS provides project system, R Interactive window, plotting, and more for the R programming language. I am running version 0.5.21019.1228 and thus far this Technology Preview version ROCKS.


I have run into very few issues, one however has gotten under my

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Currently the Microsoft R family currently includes 5 products:

1 - Microsoft R Server

     ... R intrepreter

     ... Installation option from SQL2016 CD 

     ... as R Services in SQL Server 2016

     ... from DEV perspective same as CRAN R

2 - Microsoft R Cl

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