Excel Table Talk - Episode 1

Olaf Hubel

Excel Table Talk - Episode 1

This month I will talk about Excel with our guest Johnnie Thomas about what is new in Excel and feedback from the community.

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Re: Excel Table Talk - Episode 1

Hi Olaf,


I like it, good demonstration of your team efforts in improving Excel with the help of worldwide users’ community. By the way, that will be great if one day illustrating BI tools you elaborate a bit what is going on with Power Pivot and what/when we may expect here in some future.


And thank you for mentioning.

Good luck!

Re: Excel Table Talk - Episode 1

Aloha! Thanks for the info, and cool feature of being able to set my PivotTable default. However, I am not an Office 365 user. I use MS Office Pro Plus 2016, and it appears that this feature is only available to Office 365 subscribers who have joined the Office Insider program.

When will it be available to all Excel users like me?


Re: Excel Table Talk - Episode 1

Correct, new features only release to Office 365 subcribers, they will then all rollup into the next major releasxe of Excel for none subscribers. I do not have a excact timeline for the next major release yet. 

Re: Excel Table Talk - Episode 1

Good Morning

a "stupid" question:

where i can buy the sticker in the back of your laptop ?


Re: Excel Table Talk - Episode 1

:-) Sorry you can't. But find us at a conference booth and we generally have some with us. 

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