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My name is Prateek and I’m a Program Manager on the Microsoft Office team.

We are joining efforts with Microsoft Garage and starting a new research project to better understand our Publisher users. As part of that work, we’d love to hear from those of you

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I've been using publisher for more than 5 years now, and still version after version some things still missing, and some fixes, still missing to... Like the pdf render... Read More
Hi Prateek Dudeja I teach Publisher in schools an courses. I also made 16 video tutorials (they are online on youtube) because I missed it on the MS pages. Nobody knows P... Read More

A whole new group of small businesses are jumping onto 365. They see the power of publisher 2016, and yet in depth training material ended with Pub 2010, with minor publications on 2013. Video training, help cards, tips/tricks are dated and difficult to f

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It is somehow similar with the more creative applications. Publisher is one, but Movie Maker and Picture IT are out of scope as well. If a Creators update does not have t... Read More

@Rick Fulton I think Microsoft has left Publisher behind, as there have been very few improvements since the 2010 version (so actually the training materials are "current

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Did you know you can get Publisher with an Office 365 subscription? Publisher helps you grab attention with photo editing, personalize publications, and then easily share out your creations. Learn more and get a free trial here: https://products.office.com/en-us/publisher

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