Project Web App (Project Online) Connectivity to Power BI through OData

Madan kumar
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I am trying to connect my Project plan which is in Project online (PWA) to Power BI through OData for custom PBI reporting of Project plan.


I can get all the table's for PBI Visualisation. I am unable to create the relationship between Task table and Resource Table.


I see the Resources  I have added in Project Web App and the resources i added against my tasks is not synced.


Please let me know if i can get the solution

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Hello -


There is no direct link that can be established between Resources and Tasks. You could use the Assignments table to do that (to see resource assignments against tasks).


Hi Karl,


Thanks for your reply, I did tried i can now bring in the resources through Assignment table but i am unable to see the user specific tasks on my report.


There is a relationship between two table Assignment table and Task Table (Unique Value is Task Id)


E.g. Task 1 is assigned to User A, Task 2 to User B and Task 3 to User C, When the select User A it still shows me all the tasks. I have to see Task 1 as per my filter selection.

Have you linked assignments to resources on ResourceId yet?

Yes I Did, There is a relationship between the two tables

The link chain is the following:

TaskId (Tasks) <-> TaskId (Assignments)

ResourceId (Resources) <-> ResourceId (Assignments)


Do you have both?



Hi Karl,


Yes the relationship is established , I have attached the screenshot.Please refer the same


I'm having trouble envisioning what your actual problem is then. Can you share more about the filter or what the report looks like?

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