Project Sync error "Sorry, we couldn't save your document to the specified location"

Mark Eckert
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Hello, looking for some feedback on the following error when syncing a Project Plan to SharePoint task list.


Sorry, we couldn't save your document to the specified location. Please check the following:

You have the right permissions to save the document to the site.

If you are saving to a SharePoint site, verify it has a Site Assets library and if not, create one.

If you are saving to OneDrive, verify that the specified folder exits and you have access to it.

If you are using a Windows Server operating system, verify the Desktop Experience feature is installed.


The users machine is Windows 10, Project 2016 Professional (MSI-based installer), and SharePoint Online. The behavior is that the Project plan tasks are synced to the Task list, but the file fails to get saved to Site Assets library.


What i have tried:

  • User was Site Member, but tried adding to Owners group
  • the source MPP file was opened from various locations, users desktop, network file share, or sharePoint library.
  • tried different task list in different site where user had member permissions.
  • Office account in Project was verified to be same account needed in the SharePoint site.
  • tried multiple different project plans, and blank project plan

If anyone has any feedback, would appreciate. thank you

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For anyone that gets this error, we found that the issue lies with Project Pro 2016 MSI-based installer, the 64-bit version specifically.  it doesnt seem to work syncing an MPP file to SharePoint task list.  we tried with RTM bits version 16.0.4266.1000 and patched up 16.0.4639.1000, neither work with this.  


Working with MS to get a resolution.  

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