Missing Project Online Data

Rubens do Carmo
New Contributor
Hi everyone!

It is the 3rd time this year that I lost my Project Online data, without any reasons! I just wondering if this has happened with you, already...

Project published in the "Project Online" with local resources in the plan. Theoretically all fine until some day, when i open the project and all data that were saved in the enterprise custom fields, corresponding at these local resources, are missing.

I have some fields with important data, so this is %$#@. Anybody know something about it? What should I do?



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1. Does this local resources exist on project online resource centre?

2. In project professional, is your project connected to project web app when editing your changes for publishing?

Following links may be useful, in particular, check for the sequence of steps for synchronising your changes.


1. No, they are local... Saved on the Project file and published on Project Online.
2. Yes, is connected. Works ok but for some reason i DOn't know its lost and Microsoft Project Support team does not know why did this happen
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