Free Webcast - Project Online: Reach goals with ease

Susan Kim

According to the Project Management Institute, only 62% of projects reach their goals. How can you empower your teams to beat the odds and reach goals more effectively? 


Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) is a comprehensive and intelligent solution that propels successful execution from initial strategy to outcomes through the Microsoft Cloud. Project Online helps you deliver on business strategies through high-impact outcomes, including:

  • Ideate: Ideate and develop project proposals that advance corporate strategy
  • Plan: Select effective portfolios and devise pragmatic project plans
  • Execute: Orchestrate execution and help ensure performance and outcomes are on track
  • Collaborate: Boost teamwork through inherent collaboration through Office 365
  • Make informed decisions: Gain at-a-glance insights into programs, projects, and resources, and derive advanced analytics with Power BI to make informed and timely decisions

Watch this free on-demand webcast and learn how your organization can use modern project and portfolio management tools that take advantage of the Microsoft Cloud to better track and complete tasks, monitor progress, and manage resources.


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