CSOM API Update for Project Online: Cost rate table support

Trutz Stephani

There is a new update of the CSOM API for SharePoint and Project Online available:



There is now support for cost rate tables more or less similar to the PSI functionality:


Following properties, classes and methods have been added.

  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.CostRateCreationInformation
  • public enum Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.CostRateTableName
  • public property Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.DraftAssignment.CostRateTable
  • public property Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.EnterpriseResource.CostRateTables
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.EnterpriseResourceCostRate
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.EnterpriseResourceCostRateCollection
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.EnterpriseResourceCostRatePropertyNames
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.EnterpriseResourceCostRateTable
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.EnterpriseResourceCostRateTableCollection
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.EnterpriseResourceCostRateTableObjectPropertyNames
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.EnterpriseResourceCostRateTablePropertyNames

  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.PageSizes
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.PageSizesPropertyNames
  • public property Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.ProjectContext.PageSizes

  • public property Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.PublishedAssignment.CostRateTable


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That's great, but excuse me, what about on-premise msp 2016?

As far as I know Project Server 2016 is out of scope for this...

In June SU MS has updated the client library for on-premise in order to support Cost rate table support




Now you can use Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.dll with Enterprise Resources Cost rates.

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