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What is the roadmap for extension/short digit dialing in SfB Cloud PBX/Cloud Connector Edition?

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Thanks for the reply and link Thomas. I understand the work around to apply to between SfB and Legacy PBX. Is that correct? In my scenario customer wants extension dialin... Read More

Hi Dustin,

we are aware that this is a frequent requested feature and we are working to mke this available. However at this point of time we have no timelines to share.


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Thank you all for questions on today's Preview AMA. This is the first time we've taken this format approach and we certainly appreciate your participation and feedback!


We'll be monitoring this discussion forum for another hour or so to wrap up any ques

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What about unansererd question? I have one about SfB meeting broadcast

Agree with Markus's request. Will it be visible?
Will the forum stay visible (read-only) for some time or removed?
This request is specific to SfB online based on customer request.
Thanks Miru. I will signup.
Hey Ketan - nothing to share just yet, something that is on our roadmap but stay tuned for more details on when this will light up. We also have an NDA only opportunity a... Read More

We would like to port our primary (existing) business number into the environment as a Service Number.  Can this be done now ? Could you please describe the process ?  


It seem from our prelim work that this can take some time and the initial porting is a

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We successfully ported a regular user number to a SfB service number. It's working as it should with an AA.
Thank you, I did reach out with appropriate SR and it was described to me that the number would FIRST have to be ported in as a USER number and then could be assigned as ... Read More
Hey Stacy - yes you can port user numbers and service numbers into Skype for Business now.
For more information on the difference please see the blog post here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Skype-Operations-Framework-Skype/Service-Numbers-vs-User-Numbers/ba-p/33346 Read More

Can we also please get a status update on this feature rollout ?  Problems encountered ?

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We have a customer who would like to try this feature. What should I ask customer to do? What should be the process for customer?
Thank you !
Hey Stacy - we're still working through the features for Call Queues, will be onboarding customers in the next couple weeks so please stay tuned for more information. If ... Read More

When can we have file transfer in the mobile apps?

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Nothing to share at this point, however this is in the backlog.

What will happen with Microsoft Team and SfB Server/Online integration? 

Seems the MS Teams developers are doing some work already provided by SfB as presence, IM etc. 

Will we see the products come togheter as one in the future?

Also when can we expect to s

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Ah got it - yeah nothing to share just yet on a browser experience for SfB.
No rather a browser experience for SfB client
Nothing to share on futures just yet.
I'm not sure I follow your question on the browser experience. Are you asking if there is a browser experience for Teams?

US, UK and POrtorico are covered by Cloud PBX, France and Spain are in preview. Any roadmap about avaibility of Cloud PBX in others countries

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Hey Vincent - nothing to share just yet, but stay tuned to www.skypepreview.com for when we do release the next set of countries. Read More

After many comlains from our end users, we escalated this to Microsoft Premier support. Is there any timeline for it to be addressed?

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Hey Marcus - just to ensure I understand your scenario is it:


A) Presenter is joined via SfB desktop client and the attendees dial in and you want the desktop client to

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Hello if we port phone number to Cloud PBX, is there any reversibility process? If we decide to change of solution or Cloud PBX doesn't correspond to our need are we able to transfer back to an other VoIP provider/solution?

Are we always ower of number we

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Yes you can port phone numbers out of Skype for Business Online.

Speech is often discussed but is it being planned as part of the AA but is it planned for Cloud PBX ?  Status ?

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Hi Stacy,

it is on our roadmap to add, however we don't have a date to share. It should be ready before we hit general availability (for timelines please see @Jamie Stark

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I have been reporting this issue from past 3 months. May I know if some one working on it or status?


I have submitted bug from client as well.

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Please file a support ticket. If you have already filed one and haven't any luck, please email us at: skypeexp@microsoft.com and we can take a look at this.
I would like to disable it. Let me know how can I do that?
Hi Anudeep - not sure I follow, dynamic conference IDs is rolling out. Are you looking for a way to enable this or disable it?
Will the questions be available after the "meeting" as well? Then I can see the benefit for users to catch up offline later.
Hi Marcus, this is just to try something new and see how it goes. We will take this feedback for consideration when we set up the next meeting!

Specifically, VVX firmware 3.4.0 BToE, Inbound caller name that appears may be working better now.

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What is the roadmap in regards of SfB mobile client for smartcard users. Any difference onprem, online to be expected? Especially when can we expect to have an solution for EWS integration for this set of users?

Is any work ongoing to authenticate with Cli

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If I have an TrustedApplicationEndpoint which is used for a large enterprise helpdesk.


What will happen when users start to add the contact object in the contact list,

Will the object we affected by the "Maximum Followers Reached" scenario


I know it can be

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Hey Markus - we will have to take this offline and will post once we get the answer.


Will there be any impact for SfB Server running SHA1 Certificates. Do we need to update all internal certificates? 

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Hey Markus - we will have to take this offline and will post once we get the answer.

I heard release of those got delayed.  Is that true?

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Hello few question about SfB Meeting Broadcast:

- In BRK3270 Ignite 2016 session where it is mentionned on slide 10 "Simpler join for anonymous events". Can you provide more information about it ? Did a preview will be organise and when?

- About statistics:

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Hi everyone!


My name is Saranya Yogarajah and I am a Program Manager here at Skype for Business Preview. Welcome to the Ask Microsoft Anything for Preview!


If you have a question to ask us, please do so in a separate/new thread as opposed to adding a

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Right place for today's AMAfP ?
Hi everyone - my name is Mirunan Gunarajah and I'm a PM on the team. Looking forward to trying out this new platform for our ask us anything discussion. Please do also gi... Read More