First published on MSDN on Feb 18, 2008

If you have spent much time at all around OpsMgr you most certainly have heard of PowerShell.  Powershell is the new command shell introduced for use with Windows 2003 – and it is a very powerful scripting environment.  Powershell is definitely worth the learning curve.  OpsMgr, in fact, offers several different Powershell additions to allow direct interaction with the OpsMgr environment.  Many of the tools available for OpsMgr, including override explorer, are driven by Powershell.  It’s noteworthy that there are some things you can do with Powershell that can’t be done any other way – including in the UI.  All of this to say – Powershell is very useful.  What if you want to take advantage of the benefits of Powershell today, without the time investment of the associated learning curve?  Enter the new PowerGUI tool from Quest software.  Using this GUI based tool it is easy to build Powershell scripts for use with Windows, OpsMgr, Exchange and more.  You also get the added benefit that all of the scripts generated are visible right in the console – which helps build familiarity with the language.  PowerGUI is downloadable from Quest software at