Top 10 most exciting reasons to migrate

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Imagine I am a prolific PowerShell 5.1 user, administrating a Windows domain network.

Question: What are the top 10 most exciting things that would happen if I migrate to PowerShell Core 6.0?

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The top for me are: Cross-Platform, developed with the open-source community which enables you to help us drive the future direction for PowerShell! Here is also a link to the blog that provides tons of details on the top capabilities for PS 6:

I just read an article about how to get Hyper-V modules to work, similar articles about PowerCLI, etc... Dealing with the module path alone is going to be a huge barrier to conversion. 

You mean modules being in standard paths vs non-standard paths? Because even today you can load a module from anywhere under the sun as long as you call out the full path.
But most admins expect it and with auto-loading I could just tell them get-aduser (as an example) or connect-viserver (after I instructed them to install-module vmware.powercli). No doubt I have big concerns about this "transition" because my experience has been banging my head against the walls to stop clicking their mouse; just as I see adoption they will want to use the latest and when I tell them what they need to do to load PowerCLI they will be jumping back to the GUI.

I hear ya. Adoption is key (which is why I feel somewhat slighted by this move to Core as an avid fan/user for the last 5 years).


But for all of the problems Core presents for traditional PowerShell users who have championed the tool for so many years, this one is easily work around.

I think adoption, or rather shirking those that have been steadily adopting PowerShell is a big problem and I hate to see it because I love PowerShell.
Those of use who have championed it as you say, I like Core. I am a *Nix guy and I really we had this back in AIX. That said I will start going back and looking at existing code and make it Core compatible where possible and the owner of that script/process is going to complain (why, why, why) and the first time it fails it will be unsupportable because their first target of blame with be the change in PowerShell.
I apologize because I came in here disappointed and the more I saw to validate turning their back on what we worked so hard to help champion makes me feel slighted, not somewhat but completely slighted. As I heard in feedback from earlier MVP meetings ... dropped for the next shiny object.
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