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I have been using Office Mix 2016 for a few years to do tutorials for the teachers I work with.  Our county updated to 2016 around the holidays. They told us that Microsoft was putting all the tools for MIX in the tools for PowerPoint 2016, so we no lo

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You have to Upload to Mix for it to have Mix functionality...otherwise, it's just a video



How is Office Mix different from PowerPoint?

Office Mix turns the power of PowerPoint presentations into the superpowers of interactive videos. Now you can do more than add tables, charts, SmartArt graphics, pictures, and videos to slides. You can create

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Shafiq, do you have any connections with the dev team for Office Mix? The installer has expired certifications. I am unable to download it because I keep getting a "hash"... Read More

Make impressive Gantt charts
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PowerPoint timeline maker for important meetings

  • Intuitive add-in that works inside PowerPoint
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Today a teacher attempted to have a class of 18 students realtime co-author a PowerPoint via Online. Everything seemed to be great and everyone could see changes. However once they closed browsers and came back a few hours later it appeared essentially no

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i think you must check account synchronized settings
That's strange behaviour. The Online apps save every time a change is made - even to the character level. I'd suggest logging a Service Request and getting the support te... Read More

Hello PowerPoint Tech Community!


Are you or your company switching to Microsoft PowerPoint from Google Slides? We have your go-to guide to help you get up and running in Office 365 with minimum disruption.


Check out this Switch to PowerPoint from Slides

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I'm an instructor and require my students to watch Mix. I set the permission as "limited - Anyone with a link must sign-in to view". So students must sign-in before they can watch. 


After a week or 2, I asked my students not in the visitor statistics. Abo

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When will this feature (Use Zoom for PowerPoint to bring your presentation to life) will be available?

If you look at this What's new in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows, it should already be available in July 2016 ...


I have an Office 365 ProPlus subscription

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I just updated my 2016 version and Zoom was there.  It's really cool, but sometimes it acts flaky. I think it's me.

I am on "Current Channel" with "First Release" enabled in the admin portal. I am on Version 1610 (Build 7466.2038). But it is still not available!


As per this https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/office/mt465751.aspx

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Additional Info (Found on the internet): "For Office 365 for Business users, the feature is currently only available to First Release channel for commercial Office 365 su

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I thought this could be the platform to reach the devs of PowerPoint fastest and most easily.

Hoping that someone working on PowerPoint sees this.

But here is my suggestion :)

Currently there is no way to change the transparency of a picture as a whole.

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Any Idea Why I dont have Zoom feature in Power Point 2016. 


I have Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus

Version: 16.0.6965.2084




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if you talk about PowerPoint Online the zoom option is there not available ...

If you talk about PowerPoint locally installed it should be available in the Ribbon in the V

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We continuing to bring training courses from LinkedIn Learning to our Office Training Center on Support.office.com with more than a dozen new collection of PowerPoint 2016 training courses. Learn how to create presentations, how to add audio and video to

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when i go to free linkedin learning 

he ask me for credite 

give me these message 

Select your payment method

isnt for free 

i want to 

Try 1 month for free.

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Today, we are releasing our new Office Training Roadmaps, so you or your employees can quickly find and track what you need to grow your Office skills and increase your productivity. We've created one for PowerPoint 2016 training roadmap, available both o

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I've noticed audio narration is "ducked" (i.e., muted) between slides. This can be problematic in cases where the narration needs to carry seamlessly across multiple slides. If you record narration, then the volume is reduced to 0 between slides, which le

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It's not so much that the audio volume is reduced between slides, it's that each slide's narration is recorded into a separate audio file, one per slide. 

You could try re

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When in Powerpoint > Mix, From the Quizzes, Videos, Apps tile - when attempting to load an Office Add-in from the store I repeatedly receive an error "This Add-In Could not be started. Close the dialog....."


We are on Windows 10, Office 2016, 32Bit.  Any

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I have just tried the Add-In install from a personal Windows 10 PC on my home network.   I get a very different result from my domain based, managed Windows 10 device on

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A little more information.  We are also getting Store errors associated with out O365 tenant login names.

It is almost as if Office Mix does not recognise our O365 identit

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I produce a lot of short-form videos for my company. Most of them are quick how-to videos that feature a fair amount of voice over screen recordings. My team uses Camtasia quite a bit, which I like very much, but I'd like to move some of that production o

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I don't think the intent of PowerPoint is to be a serious contender in the video production space.
I would suggest having a look at Office Mix as that adds some great vide... Read More

Pitching ideas isn’t nearly as nerve-wracking when you’ve got a powerful presentation to share. We recently spoke about presenting with Jon Hammond, chief strategy officer for Galvanized Media, the company responsible for the New York Times best-selling b

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Hi there, 


I'd like to embed videos from sites other than Youtube, like Vimeo for example. Appears as though this was taken away at some point (I havent done it in years). 


Is there a place to request?

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So, that's weird. PowerPoint still provides the UI to add embed codes under Insert > Media > Videos > Online Videos, but it's clear from this Office support page that the

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So, I've been trying to create basic background animations in PowerPoint 2016. I want something relatively easy to replicate...you know, subtle motion in the background of the slide while other things animate on top of it. I've been moderately successful

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I have created a PPT with the 15.29 version on my desktop.

Now I have copied it on my laptop, open the PPT and in some slides no images... (see image below)....

Where can I discuss about this problem?


Schermata 2016-11-23 alle 19.04.31.jpg

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PowerPoint v. 15.30

I have created a PPT, saved on my desktop, then while the PPT is open, I have moved the file in an other folder. Save again the PPT and I lost images f

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Who has experience with remote control apps for PowerPoint? Which one do you prefer and why?
Would be good to have them listed here and your experience on them so that we know pros and cons (and not the positive reviews from their creators!)

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I have tried the Mobile Mouse for iPhone on Windows 10. It does work good when all security settings are properly set. The phone then basically works as a mouse pad on yo

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I did it a few times for a simple presentation, simple as about 20 slides. My equipment was SP3 + 950XL, so I ran the presentation on the SP3, and remote with the 950XL.

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I'm trying to use PowerPoint as the basis for developing some e-learning courses and instructional videos. My initial strategy was to use Mix (and I'm still exploring that), but in the meantime, I'm interested in exporting my decks as MP4 videos that I ca

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Hey Greg, you are not alone. I did a few tasting/trying for making a tutorial-ish video. I had very similar experience as yours.

I believed it is caused by format converti... Read More
Since office mix can convert screen capture video into a PowerPoint. And there are lots of tutorial videos on YouTube, if office mix can spread wider, I think it can actually replacing it.

*I've been looking for ways to stay away from YouTube, this is the ... Read More
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There are other ways as well to stay away from youtube. Use stream for example or for instruction videos use camtasia...

Majority of content creators use macs these days.  Do you know when Office Mix will be available for this community of users, not using Windows PCs?


Office MixOffice Mix


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sorry for my english... during a meeting I often have to change something in the presentation while projecting... it's possible? or I need to stop the projecting, modify and relaunch the powerpoint?

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It depends on the kind of change you need to make. If you need to make notes, then you can add annotations directly on indvidual slides, which can be saved when the prese

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Teachers in my organization get the option to edit PowerPoints online in 365 but students do not.  They only get the option to download.  Any idea why this might be?

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this could be a permission issue as students will have a different permision level