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Hi all,
We are happy to announce the beta availability of Apps4.Pro Planner Manager today. This desktop app allows users / managers to plan and manage their plans efficiently and saves more time.


We are proud that Apps4.Pro Planner covers most of features

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I'm building out my Teams/Planner site and I can't seem to see an aggregated views from all Teams Channels that integrate with Planner.  


Is there a way to see all tasks within Planner and not per channel/plan?

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Perhaps you can able to see only all tasks that are assigned to you with in Planner. Planner does not have the ability to filter tasks by user across all plans.
If you go to tasks.office.com it should take you to the top level where you'll see an aggregate across your favourite plans.

Users haven't been receiving an email when a task is assigned to them. They do, however, receive an email when a task they're assigned to is commented on or is marked completed (discovered this wasn't the case after further testing. The user will not rece

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Recently I have stopped receiving emails when I assign a task in planner. Every other person in the group gets an email except me. If I comment or mark complete I then ge

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This is happening to my group as well.  I really new this fixed for planner to be usable.

It's not a bug...Microsoft changed how Plans are created: by default plans are created with the Send notifications about task assignment and task completion to the Plan's... Read More



we are facing following issue when we try to add Plan to Favorites in Planner:


1. Plan is briefly added to favorites(0.5 sec)

2. Plan is removed from favorites with error "We are unable to update Groups favorite at this moment. Please try later." or wi

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Hi, we use to see similar messages at times when adding a conversation to the task card - 'The conversation could not be added. Please try later'. But it worked if we ret

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I have Office 365 Home and not seeing Planner app, which office 365 package contains Planner?

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Planner is available in all Business and Enterprise editions of O365.

I can use outlook to schedule recurring mtgs etc but it would be v usefull to build recurring tasks and activities into planner and also to be able to link them in some way to other tasks (of others ?)or meetings. Will this be possible?  I would also like

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You can try Apps4.Pro Planner http://www.apps4.pro/

This helps you to integrate Planner with your Outlook and see tasks in a table view with sort and filters. So you can e... Read More
All this features you are asking for are not currently part of Planner. What I recommed you is:
(1) Check regularly Office 365 roadmap and look for Planner new features co... Read More
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View 'My Tasks' from SharePoint and PlannerView 'My Tasks' from SharePoint and Planner



What is Apps4.Pro Tasks?

Apps4.Pro Tasks is a simple add-in which acts as a central hub to manage all your tasks in different task management systems (SharePoint, Planner, Project, Outlook, Trello). You don’t ha

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great and thanks
I think is the same product, different name :-)
Is this a different product than apps4.pro planner?
If so, any information on pricing?

Below are updates for Planner. The below screenshots are taken the Ignite session video and I have added the target date for easy reference.










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Thank you so much for these!



as an enthusiastic follower from Germany I would like to know when these updates and especially the planner itself will be available in the "Deutschland Cloud". I've

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Thanks for the update, I love planner and I'm encouraging our customers to adopt it in their businesses. The video from Ignite was also very insightful.

Great slides, very useful.  To add, you can watch the session here with demos - Meet Planner: Team Collaboration Built on the Microsoft Graph and the slide deck is available here

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Thanks a lot for sharing! :) Very helpful!

Something I'd like to add to Planner thinking is the concept of Task Dependencies. If this concept was added it would make ordering somewhat easier whereby it could order tasks in each bucket based on dependencies. Yes this would require some thinking in

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The functionality you speak of is logical, but starts to head towards a project plan as opposed to task management.

You should look at the Task list in SharePoint as this

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This is something similar to sorting of tasks. When I search for similar requests in uservoice I found these




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Nothing in presentations, the roadmap, etc, that I have seen alludes to the fact of notifications being worked on for Planner.  All i've seen is maybe an occasional comment in these forums.


Is this something being done "behind the scenes" or is there a le

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Here is the user voice link for this request. MSFT is working on improving this but no update when it will be completed.
https://planner.uservoice.com/forums/330525-microsoft-planner-feedback-forum/suggestions/11444235-email-notifications-and-alert-options Read More

Apps4.Pro Planner won First Prize in Microsoft's Productivity Hackathon. It just swept 3 out of 7 awards. I am really happy to share with you all and it is a great recognition.








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Nice app!


Congratulations Buddy....

I am preparing an updated video of the iPlanner Pro Outlook Add-in for the Planner. I am very excited about the resent update that I have to share a screenshot.  As you can see you now have the same functionality as the online Planner directly from Outloo

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Looks to be a very useful tool!

Meet Planner: Team Collaboration Built on the Microsoft Graph


Video from @Dave Heller, Product Marketing Manager at Ignite Austraila 2017. 


Heard of Planner? Keen to know more about it? Join this discussion of the new work management solution in Offic

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Anyone else having tasks disappearing?  I'm working in Planner and my screen refreshed and 8 tasks disappeared from my boards.  I can go into charts and see I have 10 tasks, but only 2 show on my board and I can't seem to access any of the tasks that have

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Yes, I've suffered this too. It's just me using Planner right now, but I'm getting ready to pilot it with a small team to stress test it. I would be lying if I was to sta... Read More

I faced the same problem.

I added 31 tasks in a plan, but my manager (plan member) could see only 10 tasks. Though on his charts, it shows 31 tasks but only 10 are visible

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Yes - we see this. We actaully stoped using planner because of this. Its proven to be very unstable. 

Just sharing a recent blog post where I walk through PowerShell example that uses Graph to read and write Plan details - https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/brismith/2017/02/17/microsoft-planner-how-to-clone-a-plan-with-graph/

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This a great script Brian!! I had already read your post when you published :-). Thanks for sharing