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If you have a Group and the default language is Portuguese, and you are in Planner using Portuguese language (pt-PT), then you switch over to another plan (while viewing the Portuguese language version fo Planner) and the other plan's default langauge is

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Another good example of inconsistency...and this is not only happening in Planner...but in Teams they have provided a way to choose your language for the UI....it could b... Read More

With the recent changes to Planner, my small team has leaned in and made it our project management tool of choice.  There are so many choices for task management tools and methodologies out there (Trello, Wrike, Todoist, easynote.io, Kanban, bullet journa

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We are starting to use  Planner more and more. Assigning to multiple people was one feature we were waiting for, so glad to see that there now.

Hi Brett,

i simply answer direct to your questions...

•How do you use Planner to stay on top of all your work?

We are a team of 20 people in a 5k emploies company.

We started

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We have approached Planner strictly as a Group tool, rather than Groups as a by product of a Plan. (We arent considering Teams at this point).

It is much easier for our us... Read More

As of today, Microsoft Planner users can assign multiple people to a task—a feature that tops the list at planner.uservoice.com. Now, users can assign more than just one user to a task in Planner, and every user that is assigned the task will see it on th

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2017-04-04 10_25_14-Planner-Navision-2015 - Planner.jpg2017-04-04 10_24_23-Planner-Navision-2015 - Planner.jpg



 This is a really nice option....... but .......


In the task-log only the first person is being logged (two times) as assigned to.... 




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I have users actually celebrating about this in Yammer. Thank you :)

Microsoft just released To-Do, a task app that will eventually replace Wunderlist. When should we use Planner and when should we use To-Do? Thanks for the help.
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What isn't clear from the announcement is if you'll eventually be able to view Planner tasks in To-Do and Outlook. We'd love to use Planner for team tasks, but its imposs

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Have a look at the image in my blog post here: https://thecloudmouth.com/2017/04/20/first-experiences-with-microsoft-to-do/ which shows where Wunderlist, Planner and Proj

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Simple answer right now, Planner = Group Tool, To-Do = Individual personal tool

The initial creation of a Planner creates a Group with the corresponding privacy setting (public, private). When I change the privacy setting in Planner later it does not update Groups.  However, updating the Group privacy setting does update the Planner.

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I'd submit it as a ticket, I just had another premier ticket submitted where the Language settings don't align either. Don't anticipate something like that to be on the r... Read More

I've created a team in Teams and added a plan using the Planner tab. However, when I go out to Planner and access that plan, I cannot edit it.

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How did you find the Plan created from Teams in Planner? AFAIK, there is no way to access the Plans created in Teams from Planner.

Dear mr./mrs.,


Is it possible duplicating a plan? Thanks in advance for replying.





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Is this on the roadmap?


Our organization is starting to lose the battle of using Planner instead of Trello, pretty much because of the sole feature that Trello allows you to send an email to a specific email address and it will automatically create a Task

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I haven't seen it on the roadmap, but it would be a nice feature. I often think of tasks and email myself, although that's where the coming-soon Planner mobile app will h... Read More

                   We have a group that was created. Not sure how. Maybe by Teams, maybe by Office 365 group.


When I click on planner it errors and says:


Oops, something went wrong ...
This plan is not available. The plan may have been deleted, or you no l
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I am seeing the same thing with groups that I created from within Teams.
When you create a Group you have a Planner Plan so the error you are having is not expected and if does not matter if the Group was created from Teams or any other servic... Read More

We have government G3 O365 subscriptions.  When will Planner be available to us?



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I know my answer is not going to help, but Planner rollout is supposed to be happening till the end of the year. By the way, have you tried to type directly tasks.office.... Read More

I have been hunting for this information for quite some time with no solid answer. All I do know is that each service team defines their own roadmaps on if / when to buil

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Hi Planner Team,
We have noticed that the following are the known limitations in Planner.
- 250 assigned tasks per user irrespective of plans
- 1500 tasks can be created by an user irrespective of plans

If an user need to overcome 250 assigned tasks limitati

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+1000 to your comments and pains Santhosh

So we've got several of our major workgroups now using Planner for action items


Today, one user when in and was browsing the Planner on their phone (mobile web), and all kinds of emails were triggered.  He says he wasnt doing anything just looking, and th

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Have you raised the support ticket for this issue? They are one able to help you on this.
Wow, absolutely weird and the problem here is that you don't have a way to know what have happened with Planner



According to the Planner roadmap apprx. 1 year ago the functionalities project templates + timeline (gantt) view should be integrated "soon" in the programm.


When these functionaltites will be really integrated?




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Not sure when project templates will be avaialble as there is no deadline set. But Gantt chart view is not on the road map for Planner.


Alternately tou can try Apps4.Pro

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I am preparing an updated video of the iPlanner Pro Outlook Add-in for the Planner. I am very excited about the resent update that I have to share a screenshot.  As you can see you now have the same functionality as the online Planner directly from Outloo

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Trying out the 30 days trial right now. Looks good.

I find it frustrating though, that the iPlanner column/window disappears every time I click on an e-mail in my e-mail l

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Looks to be a very useful tool!

Anyone seen below message in Planner?. I don't remember any space constraint apart from SPO site collection.



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There are some limits in Planner for number of tasks per plan - and also some Groups limits for the numbers of group you can belong to. We are still fine tuning the speci... Read More

Lol, what did you do? :)