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I am preparing an updated video of the iPlanner Pro Outlook Add-in for the Planner. I am very excited about the resent update that I have to share a screenshot.  As you can see you now have the same functionality as the online Planner directly from Outloo

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Looks to be a very useful tool!

Meet Planner: Team Collaboration Built on the Microsoft Graph


Video from @Dave Heller, Product Marketing Manager at Ignite Austraila 2017. 


Heard of Planner? Keen to know more about it? Join this discussion of the new work management solution in Offic

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Anyone else having tasks disappearing?  I'm working in Planner and my screen refreshed and 8 tasks disappeared from my boards.  I can go into charts and see I have 10 tasks, but only 2 show on my board and I can't seem to access any of the tasks that have

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Yes, I've suffered this too. It's just me using Planner right now, but I'm getting ready to pilot it with a small team to stress test it. I would be lying if I was to sta... Read More

I faced the same problem.

I added 31 tasks in a plan, but my manager (plan member) could see only 10 tasks. Though on his charts, it shows 31 tasks but only 10 are visible

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Yes - we see this. We actaully stoped using planner because of this. Its proven to be very unstable. 

Below are updates for Planner. The below screenshots are taken the Ignite session video and I have added the target date for easy reference.










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Thank you so much for these!



as an enthusiastic follower from Germany I would like to know when these updates and especially the planner itself will be available in the "Deutschland Cloud". I've

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Thanks for the update, I love planner and I'm encouraging our customers to adopt it in their businesses. The video from Ignite was also very insightful.

Great slides, very useful.  To add, you can watch the session here with demos - Meet Planner: Team Collaboration Built on the Microsoft Graph and the slide deck is available here

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Thanks a lot for sharing! :) Very helpful!

Just sharing a recent blog post where I walk through PowerShell example that uses Graph to read and write Plan details - https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/brismith/2017/02/17/microsoft-planner-how-to-clone-a-plan-with-graph/

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This a great script Brian!! I had already read your post when you published :-). Thanks for sharing

I was very excited to see a "light" project management tool from Microsoft and I like that they are pushing out minimal products. I have to say that I was hoping for faster product evolution. I don't mind the card motif (a la Trello), but need to be able

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Search "planner" on the roadmap and you'll see a number of items listed. However, I'll also note I've been checking this page frequently over the last 4 months and haven'

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true, development slowed down significantly. While other areas still get regular refinements, newer products somehow go from "promising preview" to "GA" very fast and the

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Planner's slow progress as a product is definitly concerning. There is a ton of potentail that's simply not being reached and I'm wondering if Microsoft is simply not put

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I agree with your post here: we have not seen great innovations in Planner for many weeks (and even months)...and sincerely, I think is going to be difficult to get this ... Read More

Something I'd like to add to Planner thinking is the concept of Task Dependencies. If this concept was added it would make ordering somewhat easier whereby it could order tasks in each bucket based on dependencies. Yes this would require some thinking in

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The functionality you speak of is logical, but starts to head towards a project plan as opposed to task management.

You should look at the Task list in SharePoint as this

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This is something similar to sorting of tasks. When I search for similar requests in uservoice I found these




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Hi All,


What is the best parctice after the plan is completed under Planner and what will happend to the office 365 group created with it.


also Can I add plan to exsiting Office 365 group?




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I always recommend to my clients that they just leave the plan in place, because as mentioned here there is no archieve option, and if you delete the plan, it will delete

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We cannot currently archive a plan since this feature is not available in the product. You can create a Plan from a existing Group, so the answer to your second question ... Read More
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It was reported by few of our users that they receive 404 error when they try to access Planner via tasks.office.com.

When they click on 'Sign In' they are being redirected to https://tasks.office.com/test.com/da/Home/ProjectsList/ by default. 


When invest

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Hi Santhosh - I'm looking in to this issue - have you opened a case for this yet?

Best regards,


Cookies problem?



Unaware if this is a known issue, I recently changed the name of a card. When I post updates within the card the email sent contains the old card name. Can this be fixed?



Old Card Name on Post UpdatesOld Card Name on Post UpdatesNew Card NameNew Card Name



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Thanks for your reply.

IMHO what's happening is that the notifications are using the internal name for the card that are kept and not the display one...is this a bug? IMHO yes :-)
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Does anyone know of a way to export data from Trello and import into Planner?


We have a business unit that has been using Trello, but we want to shift them into Planner, but they have a good history of information in Trello that would need to be saved.

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Hi @Brent Ellis, Have you tried Apps4.Pro Planner for this? Export the tasks from Trello as csv and Import it to Planner. http://apps4.pro/planner.aspx

Export / Import tasks to a Plan using Apps4.ProExport / Import ta

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Hi @Brent Ellis, Have you tried Apps4.Pro Planner for this? Export the data from Trello as csv and Import it in Planner. http://apps4.pro/planner.aspx

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I guess this is something you have to cook by yourself using Trello and Graph APIs

Right now there are lots of App that can be used within Microsoft Flow, when would planner be included. 


Like when I create a task in wunderlist, the task should be created in Planner. 

there is Trello. but nothing for Planner. 

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Currently Planner API is in preview, my guess is that it will be added in Flow after Planner API moved to GA. In one of the older Planner thread it was mentioned that dur... Read More
Mmm...it seems Microsoft said a while ago that Planner integration in Flow was planned: https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/Flow-Ideas/Office-365-Planner/idi-p/2487 but t... Read More

So saw mentioned in another thread the upper limit of Tasks in a Plan is 250. 


I am looking for a definitive answer to what the CURRENT upper limits are for tasks / buckets in a Plan (specifically connected to an O365 Group at this point).

  • Maximum tasks in
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The 250 limit is going to be removed in the future...

250??? Good to know the limits...som customers will push that one very easy.

Planner has a limit of 250 tasks per person and not per plan. Currently it is not documented anywhere.

I would like to be wrong, but I believe Planner limits are not documented :-(



When I create a new Planner plan with a name longer than 23-25 characthers then the plan is shown with an ending "..." in the left list of all the plans.




There is no way to re-size (drag) the left pane/list so that the whole name is shown and hovering

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Mmm...I recommend you to visit user voice and post your request there if it has not been asked yet...it seems the left panel is not resizable no matter the browser you us... Read More

This seems to be a common occurance, emails stopped flowing from planner items last year and sometime in Dec they started again. Now last week they seem to have stopped.

I've tried from a planner on the o365 website and from a planner in Teams. I created a

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I've watch this behavior and I though that was me... thanks for comment this. I agree 
I think there is some kind of checkbox for each plan to "enable" or "disable" notifications, and I found they are "disabled" by default, which means no notifications rega... Read More