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Dear Community,

we're currently trying out the surface hub as our digital kanban board. So far it's ok but we now have a critical issue: If the buckets contain too many cards you have to scroll within the bucket. This works fine on a laptop, iPad etc but

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Is it possible (maybe in the future) to customize the Tasks in Planner? We would like to add couple of fields/properties to the Tasks.

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I would be interested in this ability to add fields.  For me I would to be able to identify related tasks  ( with each have its own checklist - possibly have a sin

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Apps4.Pro Planner and Apps4.Pro Tasks add-in helps you to extend the Planner capabilities. One such thing is creating Sub-tasks for Planner tasks. We have plans to implem... Read More
I have not hear any news in regards of this customization type. As you know, Microsoft will provide planner templates in the future

Hi, i made a flow that copies the task from planner to excel and i would want another flow that updates the excel if any changes are made in planner. But i have no idea how to get it to work... Could someone help me out ?

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There is not a direct way to do this Today since you don't have a Planner action that is launched when an existing Task is updated. That does not mean necessarily th... Read More

I tried to text a link for the Planner mobile app to my Norwegian mobile phone number (from the web interface)), but I get this error message: "Sorry we couldn't send your link".


Have you forgotten to add Norway to your list of countries with Office 365

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Hi! What is the status on this? No reply since November 2017...

For Plans that we have "Send notifications about task assignment and task completion to the Plan's conversation feed."  DISABLED in the "Edit Plan" section, we are still receiving group notifications when comments are posted.


Updates seem to be disabled f

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Yes I'm seeing the exact same thing.  This is very annoying and is causing our staff not to want to use Planner.  If every time a staff member makes a comment to update t

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Yeap, I have seen this and I think is by design...any comment you make at the task level is treated as an e-mail that is sent to the Group and not related to the work don... Read More

I have to share project status reports and would like if plan and task status reports can be generated in excel format. 

An integration with excel online would be great.



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You can export Planner to Excel using Flow.   In Flow, select Planner, then list tasks.  Then "Apply to each" value, then Excel: insert row.   

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I don't want (to purchase) an additional tool. Would be nice if this will be a feature in Planner from Microsoft. 

When this comes out of beta, I'm hoping we'll start to see a lot more capability around Planner along with the ability for us to create our own things around it:



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You can try this outlook add-in which allows you to export / import tasks to planner using excel.

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Microsoft just released To-Do, a task app that will eventually replace Wunderlist. When should we use Planner and when should we use To-Do? Thanks for the help.
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Hi all,


We recently held a few demos and breakout sessions at Ignite 2017. We are working with Planner on integration scenarios already and hope to release something fo

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Is there any integration betweel To Do and Planner?  I want to be able to see all my tasks in one place.  Planner has the "My Tasks" view but does that show my tasks from

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I really hope our company enables To-Do in O365. I really want to test it out. That or make planner mobile lol

What isn't clear from the announcement is if you'll eventually be able to view Planner tasks in To-Do and Outlook. We'd love to use Planner for team tasks, but its imposs

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Have a look at the image in my blog post here: https://thecloudmouth.com/2017/04/20/first-experiences-with-microsoft-to-do/ which shows where Wunderlist, Planner and Proj

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Our users are really starting to love Planner and it is becoming a major tool with Managing Projects. With no training at all they are finding it easy to use. One issue though is we are struggling to get it to show English (UK) date format. We are differe

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What browser are you using to do this?


I am using Google Chrome and apparently, the Planner uses the language/time settings from Chrome (somehow...)


In the Advanced s

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Similar problems around old Europe region with like DD-MM-YYYY format. I see that some of all settings coming from tenant location when it is created. Corporations across

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Can't believe in this day and age that Microsoft would even allow this to happen, when they get so much of their business outside of the USA. It's mind boggling to put it... Read More

Planner task-assignment notifications and task due notifications have been marked "completed" on Uservoice, and they look like they are now available in all of my tenants! I've been waiting since Planner launched for these features.


Here's what the task

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Yes, I can see in my tenant. This is good to see as new features coming in.

I am pretty sure there is some documentation on Planner SSO, but I am not able to find it. Do anyone know if planner is compatible with SSO? I could still see planner authentication while adding it to Microsoft Teams. Is it the same behavior like everyone

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It is not a problem of Planner, but how Planner (and it also happens with other services) is integrated in Teams...and in regards of your question, the answer is Yes, nor... Read More
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Hi there,

Planner is asking me to login every 5 minutes or so. I'm using it on Firefox (latest update) with my Enterprise subscription. After the message pops-up I cannot add attachments from Sharepoint (need to login again). My Office session is logged o

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About Planner keeping logging out, it's definitely only on Firefox. All is fine on Chrome.
I have and only on Chrome it seems ok (but still not sure). On EDGE the experience is even worse as we cannot edit dates nor assign the task unless I open it. Nevertheles... Read More
Have you tried to use Planner on another browser? I'm not having the issues you are experiencing

Hi guys,

Don't you feel the need to number Buckets and each Task under the same bucket so it's easy for future reference between team members?
Have a look at the attached image. That's how we do it... manually. Would be perfect to have it done automaticall

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What I recommend you is to post this suggestion in Planner user voice (in case it's not already there) so more guys interested on it can vote it and the Team can think on... Read More

Is this on the roadmap?


Our organization is starting to lose the battle of using Planner instead of Trello, pretty much because of the sole feature that Trello allows you to send an email to a specific email address and it will automatically create a Task

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I haven't seen it on the roadmap, but it would be a nice feature. I often think of tasks and email myself, although that's where the coming-soon Planner mobile app will h... Read More

We have government G3 O365 subscriptions.  When will Planner be available to us?



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I know my answer is not going to help, but Planner rollout is supposed to be happening till the end of the year. By the way, have you tried to type directly tasks.office.... Read More

I have been hunting for this information for quite some time with no solid answer. All I do know is that each service team defines their own roadmaps on if / when to buil

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Now ever Yammer Group creates an O365 Group and then every O365 Group gets a Planner. So now we have a long list of Planners in the Hub which never have or never will have Plans. It makes it look really bad to people, "why does Book Club have a Planner???

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Interesting ask and I think @Brian Smith can say a lot here...I would say that you have to manually (or automatically by using the Microsoft Graph) to delete the Plans yo

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Hi Planner Team,
We have noticed that the following are the known limitations in Planner.
- 250 assigned tasks per user irrespective of plans
- 1500 tasks can be created by an user irrespective of plans

- 250 Active tasks (Not Started, In Progress) per plan

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Hello all!


We still have a few remaining work items to increase our limits across Planner. I should have an update soon. In the meantime, feel free to mention or DM me

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Is there an official source that lists the constraints?
These limitations have absolutely killed our roll-out of Planner. We manually migrated from Trello. At the time none of these limitations were clear. Now we are stuck wit... Read More

As per the limitation, what i understand is "i cannot assign more than 250 tasks per user but i can create upto 1500 tasks and assign it different users not exceeding 250

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Does anyone know if "Completed" tasks still count against the 250/1500 task limits?

Lets say on my work i have to do the same exact activities, one after another and my boss wants to assign those tasks to my team through Microsoft Teams, how can i make like a sample tasks that i just change the name but the check list is the same and tha

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Planner does not provide the ability to link Tasks as you can do with Project online and at the moment there is not way to obtain how much time is taking to complete a ta... Read More

First of all, happy new year everyone!


Since I actively try following up all new features in Office 365 multiple times per week, I was hoping to see the Planner web part to be arriving on modern team sites. Unfortunately, this was not the case - not eve

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A not only the Planner WebPart, many of the new WebParts disclosed at Ignite have not arrived yet

Hi Pieter,


Have not seen anything around it yet so curious when it is going to be available in the tennants.


Anyone seen below message in Planner?. I don't remember any space constraint apart from SPO site collection.



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Yes I have this problem too i have assigned 1400 task and this erorr appeared , anyone know what to do ?

There are some limits in Planner for number of tasks per plan - and also some Groups limits for the numbers of group you can belong to. We are still fine tuning the speci... Read More

Lol, what did you do? :)


Yammer connected Office 365 groups include a Plan. I have started using the plan in a Yammer group to coordinate writing blog posts with other authors. Initially, the plan was not visible in the Planner mobile app. But after a few days, the group name a

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Anyone else having tasks disappearing?  I'm working in Planner and my screen refreshed and 8 tasks disappeared from my boards.  I can go into charts and see I have 10 tasks, but only 2 show on my board and I can't seem to access any of the tasks that have

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Yes, I've suffered this too. It's just me using Planner right now, but I'm getting ready to pilot it with a small team to stress test it. I would be lying if I was to sta... Read More

I faced the same problem.

I added 31 tasks in a plan, but my manager (plan member) could see only 10 tasks. Though on his charts, it shows 31 tasks but only 10 are visible

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Yes - we see this. We actaully stoped using planner because of this. Its proven to be very unstable. 

Hello Everyone,


So where I work, we have this process when a computer breaks and we have bring it back to the tech office, it get's signed in that it was brought back. This information is put into a sharepoint list via a powerapp to make it easier for o

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Have you solve this?Apparently the problem is just in the format you think the Task ID has that I think is not correct after reading some documentation about how the Micr... Read More

Hello, have a weird situation, have a user using planner, and she loves it, with one issue. Whenever she comments on a task, she gets a notification as well as the initial person she assigned it to, but anyone who is added to the task after the fact does

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Can you confirm if the user has opted in for 'Follow plan in Inbox'. This sends all the Group email notifications to the users Inbox.

Planner tab in Teams shows the following this morning:

We're not ready for you yet.

We're still setting things up.  Please try again later.


Date and Time: 1/4/2018 3:22:48 PM

Planner Version: 16.0.8927.5001

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This issue has been reported on another thread!

When I copy email message to comment under any task, MS Planner sends an email notification, but when I open the task to see the comment again, there is only an empty comment (my picture and username without any other content). I tried to remove different

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This seems to be a bug and it's totally unexpected. I think the best you can do is just open a support ticket reporting this issue