Rolling Out: Copy Planner tasks

Santhosh Balakrishnan
Super Contributor

Hi, Ability to copy Planner tasks as announced during Ignite started rolling out. I can see it in our tenant. 


copy task 1.pngcopy planner task 2.pngCopy task 3.png

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Yeah!!! Seeing this too!
And how do you past it or where?

@Santhosh Balakrishnan you are super duper. Faster than Microsoft to let everyone know of new feature...  LOL :)


Thanks for keeping us updated.

When you copy a task, the same task will get created automatically in the same bucket. You can then move the task as desired.

Hi Santhoush! Thanks for posting this. I did notice that it only allows you to copy a task within the same plan. I tried to go to 'My Tasks', go to Plan View, copy a task and then try to drag and drop it into a different plan (bucket). This does not work. Do you know if there is a workaround to this, to copy a task from one plan to another?   

Hi, MSFT has not offered this feature yet. It is now possible only to copy tasks within a plan. You can rely on Graph API for this if you can make it or go for third party apps which offers this feature. 

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