When we released the first version of the Planner tab in Teams, we noted that our goal was to support the same feature set in Teams as we do in the Planner web app.  We recently took another step towards our goal and have completed the roll out of a few more popular features from the web.

  • Schedule view - get an overview of upcoming tasks and drag and drop them to set dates

  • Charts view - stay up to date on the status of your plans 
    teamscharts.pngPlanner Charts View
  • Filter and Group by options - focus on key tasks and group by Assigned To, Progress, Due Date, and Labels 


For more information about using Planner in Teams, check out this article.


Happy Planning!



This is a very good addition to Teams.  Is it possible to connect this calendar to Outlook (similar to what we have with SharePoint calendar) so the team members can see all the tasks along with their personal calendar? Thanks


Nice, thank you for all new features


Thanks for the update @Eray Chou - this is REALLY great to see and very timely too! 


Wow! This is awesome!

One of the most needed feature. It makes Planner more simple to use.

Thank you for the update.

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@Sohail Merchant - yes, but not from within Teams. Launch that planner in the web view, then click the ellipses next to the SCHEDULE item, then select Add Plan to Outlook Calendar.

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Is it possible to add Time (Hours and minutes) in Schedule Planner?

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@Ed Hansberry Have you checked this? When I create plan inside the teams, I won't see the three elipses at planner web app. I must create plan (and alongside - new group) inside planner web app to get the possibility to Add Plan to Outlook.
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@Mateusz Szuter - it works, but the ellipses isn't in Teams. In whatever plan you have, open it in the browser (use the box on upper right with the arrow pointing out of it), then when it loads in your browser, you can add the Outlook link.


The browser allows a few things in Planner that Teams doesn't. At least this and the ability to upload files to a task, vs just a link to sharepoint or a URL. But it doesn't matter where or how the Planner was created. It is just that right now, the Teams app itself (or Teams UI even in the browser) doesn't have all of the features that viewing the Planner at tasks.office.com has.

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@Ed Hansberry It doesn't - automatically :D (I wrote I've tried web app) BUT! If you access plan directly from teams, and then open it in web app using icon in teams, the dots magically shows :D
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I am new to Microsoft Teams. I still need a way to have a task list that everyone on my team can see. It appears that Planner may be able to offer this but I can't get that app to show up when I press to add a tab. I've tried to find it from several different browsers and from different devices but I get nada. Is there another app that provides itemized lists or what is the secret to finding Planner?

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Can you look to get a "timeline" view for Planner?  Unfortunately, having a "Calendar" view for all our teams task is a nice start.  However, seeing that it's limited to only show up 2 lines (we have 25 items) and restricted to just the monthly calander we find it extremely limited for our needs.


Attached is another project management tool we prefer as they include a "timeline" view of all the on-going tasks/items.


Timeline View.PNG

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Looking for a timeline view similar to 'Monday' tool. Is this available in Planner?

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does planner calendar sync to outlook group calendar?

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This is a great feature, i wonder, a great future would be to view the calendars of all planner channels in one central location? That way managing multiple project teams could be made a little simpler.


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Hi, a lot of our members use TEAMS and the Planner app on their mobile device (phone/tablet). Aparently the shedule view does not exist in the app... which is very difficult if you have a lot of upcomming tasks. You lose the overview. Is it possible to have the shedule view for mobile devices?


Thanks in advance !

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I'd also be interested in scheduling hours and other task details as Jasmin had mentioned. similar to the functionality of Monday.com.

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Hi, planner is good.

Currently the week starts with Sunday in Teams Planner for me and my colleagues.

I live in a country where weeks start with Monday.

Found an internet page saying 56 % of countries start their week with Monday, 30 % with Sunday and 14 % with Saturday.

Hence I'd like to suggest a possibility to change* start day of week or somehow have it set automatically, thanks in advance!


* = It would be best to be able to change date per planner since many organisations sometime work internally and sometime with countries having other start day of week.