Save As / Export Email (msg file) in OWA

Michael T. DePouw Spottedmahn

In OWA, how do I export an email?  In Outlook I just do a File -> Save As and I can export MSG file.


Use Case

I can then take that MSG file and attach it VSTS work items (or many other things).

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I am afraid that it is not possible.

Perhaps, @Vasil Michev knows the trick...


No tricks, sorry, not possible to export via OWA.

Bummer 😭


I did find a UserVoice item for this: Saving & attaching emails on Office365

I guess an .eml file (i.e. the raw email) is no good…

In OWA, one can create a new email, drag an existing email onto it and it gets added as an attachment, then one can click the down-arrow on the attachment to Download, which creates a file called “eml”.

A .msg file is much more than an .eml though, right?
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