Outlook shared Calendar > All day events spans two days

Mike Jansen
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I've created a Shared Calender and shared it with a friend.

Working fine until recently (I suspect an update from Windows Phone 8.1 to 10).


Now when I check my calendar online (owa, so not in any client) all appointments are fine. The "all day" events show up as one day. As expected.


However, when my friend opens the same calendar (also online, owa). The "all day" events show up as two day events?????? We are in the same timezone and we checked the calendar settings online (owa). The seem to be te same.


What can be the problem here?


Thanks, Mike

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Tried everything but no solution. In the end I recreated the recurring events. That solves the problem.

What if it not possible to use recurrence option for the events?


Why the same events are seen perfectly fine in the Outlook Desktop app and not in OWA? 


See examples in attached images.



Hi @Maria Jose Mora


I gave up on this one. No clue whatsoever....

OMG... I am giving up too.


I found last week that it happens in the latest version of Chrome... a teacher had an oldest one, and it was working fine until we updated Chrome. 

In Outlook for Mac also spans...  

Should I give up on thia too?
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