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Dennis Wilson
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(First of all, I searched and searched using various terms and could not find any place this is being discussed.  Nor could I find a forum or thread on Outlook Addins.  If there is a Community Manager reading this and you know of a better place, please move it.)


I just want to compliment Microsoft on an add-in called FindTime.  Why?


I have been depending on electronic calendars for years now.  I "live and die" by my calendar.  (I was a Day Timer user for years before PDA's became useful.)


In my work I have a number of clients, many of whom do not use Exchange in any form, that I have to schedule meetings with.  And some of these involve meetings of boards and committees.  Being a 1-man operation I don't have the luxury of having an administrative assistant to arrange meetings with multiple individuals.


Using FindTime is like having my own Administrative Assistant calling and emailing back and forth trying to arrange a convenient time for multiple folks to meet, either online or in-person.


If you are constantly trying to coordinate meetings, internal and/or external, you really need to look at FindTime!


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We've been promoting this and using it in my organization, and people absolutely love it! 

If a Community Manager is reading this thread, please note I marked this as "Problem Solved," in error and I cannot find out how to remove that flag.  It wasn't really a problem and I wasn't asking for anything.  I just clicked on it out of curiosity and now cannot unclick it.  Oops!  Can you do anything about this or is it permanent?


Hey @Dennis Wilson yes we've definitely heard this feedback that not every post is a question that needs to be answered.  We're looking at changing this so it makes sense for posts like yours as well as genuine questions. 


Also I moved the post to the Outlook group. 


And I'm also a big fan of FindTime, I use it almost everyday and annoyed that people aren't using it enough! 


Thanks Anna.  

Will this be superseded by Bookings?

Wow..!! awesome tool.


Looks like i need to talk to my O365 Mavens team about it :)


Thanks for letting us know about this tool..

Yes, Findtime is indeed very useful but it has been around for a while now and never seemed to find a formal home or support in the O365 family.
Perhaps that was because Microsoft was planning the Genee acquisition and believes that will be key pat of their meeting planning strategy.
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