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Tim Wolfers
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We are noticing Room Lists are no longer appearing in the new Outlook Web experience when scheduling a meeting and searching a meeting room.


We created meeting room lists based on location and building so users can select a meeting room list based on the building they are working in and all available rooms in that building would appear.

This also makes the meeting rooms easier to navigate and book, without showing meeting rooms in different countries.


This is how it looked a few weeks earlier:

  • Meeting room lists are browse-able





This is how it looks right now:

  • Meeting room lists no longer browse-able
  • Meeting room lists cannot be searched. Searching the exact room list by name fails to find any room list.
  • Only option is "All Rooms", which shows all meeting rooms from all countries and leaves the user with an huge list of available rooms they will probably never ever book, as they reside in a different country.





The Office Roadmap never listed this change.

Any assistance on this?

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Works fine here, I get the last used entry automatically and I get the search results as soon as I start typing in the box. Try a different user or different browser maybe? @Julia Foran just in case.

We are having the same experience with the new Portal interface.  Reverting back to the old interface corrects the issue.  We have tested  IE, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.  Same result on all.

Different twist for us that we have to include the ROOM NAME as one of the attendees for the event to be put on the ROOM CALENDAR.  If we use the LOCATION field, the meeting is not put on the Room Calendar.  

@Tim Wolfers 

Thanks for posting this.  We are having the same experience.   

This issue should be resolved now. 

Still experiencing the same issue.

@vrod29 We're also experiencing this.
using exchange in hybrid-mode.

the room list when selecting all, will only show O365 created/migrated rooms

We are experiencing the same issues, Hybrid mode@Tim Wolfers 

Looks like a new feature that's on the roadmap currently: Featured ID: 50722
Hi Elisabeth,

Are you experiencing any issues?
Hey Nicolai, this is a known issue in hybrid mode. We are working hard to fix it. Should have an update this week.
Yes this is a known issue in hybrid mode. We are working hard to fix it. Should have an update this week.

@vrod29 No, but I'm not seeing the issue here, it's a new feature that's currently rolling out for OWA. You can read more about it on the roadmap:

@Tim Wolfers We're seeing old room lists but not newly created ones in the New Outlook UI. If we switch back to the old web interface all the lists are there.

@Steven Greenwood @vrod29  can you help us with this in our tenant too?

Yes of course. Please open a ticket with support.

@vrod29 we also have this issue with our hybrid tenant. Are you able to advise us how to resolve this issue please? 

@yavtech1 Yes. Please private message me your tenant email address so I can see what is going on.

@vrod29We just added room lists to the production tenant. We can see the Room Lists in Outlook on PC, Teams and the old Outlook Web. But not the New Outlook Web Experience.


Why is the New Outlook Web experience touted as the new way of working, while basic functionality is simply missing. We have to manually revert our users to the old, but functioning Outlook Web.


Is there any fix for this so far?

Hey Tim, that is definitely not the intended behavior. We had a fix for this deployed. Are you still seeing this in the tenant email address that you sent me before? If not please send me a private message with the email address so we can check what the issue is.




I've just tested it again and now the room lists seem to be displaying all of a sudden. Very happy about this, but I hope this is the case for all users.

Great to hear Tim. It should be working for all users now.

@vrod29 Unfortunately we are still not seeing any change in our tenant.

@vrod29 Its working now. Thanks.

@vrod29 we are having a similar issue.  Outlook on the web is not showing the rooms available, but the rooms show in win10 email client and outlook desktop.  Something you can do for our tenant to fix as well?  Thank you! Jeff

We have the same issue in our tenant. Just some rooms do not show in new GUI, but all is fine in old.
How we can fix it?

@Dzmitry82 Can you please open a support ticket? Our support engineers can take a look. 

Just fixed, looks like that list updated once a week.
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