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Outlook Customer Manager (OCM) has been rolled out to all Business Premium subscribers who opted in for First Release. However, we’ve received several reports from users who still do not have OCM in their Outlook. We are looking into this issue and will p

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I'm not certain which release I have. My Production Information shows version 1609. Any idea when OCM will show up? I dropped outlook 2013 with BCM hoping that OCM would

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Is anyone getting a response to PM messages to Wally? I'm getting nothing? It have been in contact with microsoft support x5, and they do not not why OCM is not showing u

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Sent PM as asked. Would like Iridas case number.

Outlook Customer Manager, a new Office 365 service, helps small businesses track and grow their customer relationships right within Outlook. It gives a complete view of interactions with each business contact, helps track tasks and deals in progress, and

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Here it is, March 21.  We purchased premium weeks ago specifically for OCM, all set to first release.  Still no OCM - What in the world must we do to get this pushed to o

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I've the premium account, already did all steps mentioned, but still no OCManager on outlook... can you help me figure out what is wrong?


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As of today (2/21/17) our organization still does not have access to OCM. We joined First Release. Only 2 people (myself and the CEO) are on the First Release. Does every

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please refer to http://aka.ms/ocmblog for articles on how to get stated

This still hasn't been made available to us.  We have been first release for everything yet still can't access it.

Can we get an idea of when OCM will be available on OWA? It would be REALLY useful to access it on the web, as I am on a Mac




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We purchased Business Premium yesterday but cannot see any access to Outlook Customer Manager. We are based in the UK.


Please can someone assist us as we purchased it for this reason.


Many thanks

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After purchasing Business Premium you'll have to enable First Release for Everyone and it will take some time until OCM will be provisioned. The recommendation is to wait... Read More
Welcome to the club!

Outlook Customer Manager is automatically installed to O365 Business Premium subscribers. It requires Outlook for windows with minimal version of 16.0.7030.


To check your outlook version, navigate to File > Office Account and look under Office Update



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Welly Lee wrote:

Outlook Customer Manager is automatically installed to O365 Business Premium subscribers. It requires Outlook for windows with minimal version of 16.0.703

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We are running version 1701 and still do not seem to have access to Outlook Customer Manager.  Please advise how I turn this on.



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I have Office 365 Business Premium, "first release" option is activated.

I'm still waiting for OCM to show up, does it just magically show up at some random time/day?


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I Finnaly got the ribbon icon, everything works fine except one thing. When I try to add a company to my contact, it won't let me save. I know it's in beta but did an

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Hi Welly,

Still waiting to see this option show up in our Outlook. Version 1611 (Build 7571.2109), First Release enabled. Any way to know when this will happen? Like other

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Hi folks,


when I want to import contacts via the OCM import functionality, the drop-down-menu for selecting the correct category (e.g. name, email adress, phone...) to match the correct position in the .csv file shows a different language every time I use

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My customer with 3 licenses is currently trying this solution but his computers are Domain-Joined and they are still using the onmicrosoft.com account just to test. can y... Read More

Thanks for reporting the issue. We will work on fixing the bug


I got a suggestion : When you want to copy or drag&drop existing documents to a new deal, this process is relatively complicated.
Pleas implement a function that automatically creates this folder.

Alternatively, maybe  a good compromise.
In Deal/Document

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For improvement suggestions I think you should better post your ideas here: https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/407082 Read More

3 other users in the same O365 tenant able to see the shared company, contacts, deals but one not.

Have check they are member of the "Outlook Customer Manager" group and even removed and readded. But they do not see any cshared stuff in the Outlook Addin.


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I am having the same problem. I have three users evaluating OCM and they create and assign users and companies and then select shared but they are never visible outside t... Read More

Have you tried refreshing the contacts?


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I am in the process of evaluating OCM for my company and finally was able to start using OCM last week. As of now I'm still unable to import our .csv file of contacts that was originally exported from our previous verison of Business Contact Manager.



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Same here - The import field mapping tool is missing some key fields such as company, phone numbers etc. To bypass this limitation I created custom fields and imported th... Read More

Right - same; and also, "Company," field has no match in OCM - which seems... odd??


I can see that the test record we added to our new OCM installation has: Company, Phon

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@Nathaniel Mildner - thanks for reporting the issue. We have a bug with phone number that we are working on a fix. The fix is planned to be rolled out on our next service

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I have an O365 Bus Prem account. I have however multiple emails in my outlook. Is there away to get the OCM to work with all email accounts in Outlook as long as one of them is O365 BP?



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Hi Victor, thanks for your quick answer. This is disturbing limitation for free professionals. I have multiple clients and work in their email systems from within Outlook... Read More
No, OCM will only be available for the Business Premium account.



Can anyone please share the steps to share contacts and deals in OCM. We have shared with 3 different users but no one is able to see it.


Thank you!!

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This is an issue currently being investigated by the OCM team. Please open a support case.

Is there a way to convert contacts to business contacts in bulk rather than one at a time?  When you have more than 2,000 contacts its not very practical to do this one at a time!!!

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Hi Glen, bulk update is something we are considering in the near future. I would ask you to submit the ask through https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/407082 to help us ... Read More
We just switched to Windows mobile on the very pricey HP X3, to have a full Office ecosystem. We don't need a huge CRM so Outlook Customer Manager is perfect. Then I was shocked to find out that:
1. For mobile, OCM is only available on iPhone (!!!), and,
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I don't think a Windows Mobile app will be released soon, but you can vote for this here: https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/407082-outlook-customer-manager/suggestions/17130952-mobile-apps-for-windows-phone Read More
Well, not a big surprise at all...Microsoft is always delivering new mobile stuff in regards to Office 365 featues first in iOS, then in Android and finally in Windows 10... Read More

I'm a E3 customer and unfortunately cannot yet access OCM and therfore not able trying it. Is it possible to share assigned Information (e.g. single companies/contacts) with assigned users of my company? And that other users don't see this records...

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OCm support simple sharing of contact, company, and deals. When you share them, they are available to all OCM users in your company. We currently do not suppo

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