Language support for Outlook Customer Manager

Welly Lee

Outlook Customer Manager is available in the following languages:


  1. Basque
  2. Brazilian-Portuguese
  3. Bulgarian
  4. Catalan
  5. Chinese-Simplified
  6. Chinese-Traditional
  7. Croatian
  8. Czech
  9. Danish
  10. Dutch
  11. Estonian
  12. English
  13. Finnish
  14. French
  15. Galician
  16. German
  17. Greek
  18. Hungarian
  19. Indonesian
  20. Italian
  21. Japanese
  22. Korean
  23. Latvian
  24. Lithuanian
  25. Norwegian (Bokmal)
  26. Polish
  27. Portuguese
  28. Romanian
  29. Russian
  30. Serbian Cyrillic
  31. Serbian Latin
  32. Slovak
  33. Slovenian
  34. Spanish
  35. Swedish
  36. Thai
  37. Turkish
  38. Ukrainian
  39. Vietnamese


8 Replies

I would like Khmer to be added please.

@Craig Arnoldt - thanks for the suggestion, would you submit the request through https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/407082

I am using Greek but OCM (in importing contacts) uses Lithuanian (!!!!). Please assist as field mapping is impossible.ocm.jpg





Sorry for your trouble -- I will contact you via private message to collect information for us to investigate this issue

Hi, and when we're be able to use Outlook Customer Manager in Georgian (ka-ge) language?
If it impossible right now, please add Georgian Lari currency (₾) symbol at last. Best Regards.

Same issue here except Spanish? Help? I need English.

Any news on that???

So I found that if had selected the "Business" contacts drop down filter, then picked import, it was in Spanish. If  selected "All" contacts in the drop down filter, then picked import, it was in English. CRAZY!!! Only problem is, I believe I have to go in each contact and reclassify it as business. Kind of a pain. 

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