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On your uservoice page  it says "We are exploring technical feasibility to bring it to E3 and E5 as soon as possible. Please continue voting."


This statement hasn't been updated for quite a while (months).  


It seems to me that E3 tenants would be more te

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i could see the mixture of organizations that may need ability for some users to have Dynamics 365 Nd some users on OCM.


I work for company that has 35 contractors and 3

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As E3 tenants are usually larger tenants, we need to add additional admin capabilities to support them. It is high on our priority list (due to the many votes on uservoic... Read More
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Is it in an Exchange Public folder, or a SharePoint list?

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Is there a way to view the information stored in the Modern Group?
I see the "Outlook Customer Manager" group. From within Outlook I have added a few test shared contacts but I see no reference to them from within the group. Where should... Read More
We are storing the shared information in a modern group, which is being created, when you first log in. It is called "Outlook Customer Manager".
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What size of a Sales or Business Development team is the Outlook Customer Manager tool designed to accomodate? Still for up to 5 people? How large can it scale up?


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i am in process of moving in opposite direction, purchased O365 seat for 1, once OCM is stable, will need to migrate data to OCM from Dynamics 365

Outlook Customer Manager is available through Office 365 Business Premium which supports 300 seats so it can possibly scale to all of them. Best fit would be the lower en

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I am Jeff York with mindSHIFT, one of Microsoft's partners with o365.  I have a customer with an opportunity for OCM.  What are the threshold recommendations for customers who currently do not have a CRM, and when you might recommend OCM or Dynamics CRM?

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That's a good question. More than seat size, I'd differentiate the two solutions on the needs they fulfill. I'd say Outlook Customer Manager is designed for small busines

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Hi - this is John Christian. Will you provide a way to identify and/or filter the OCM contacts in the Outlook contact list? BCM used to do this by assigning a category to BCM contacts. This would make it easier to mass emails and things like that...

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@John Christian - you can create an Outlook Customer Manager custom field which enable you to filter the contact in Outlook Customer Manager.

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We currently use ACT (3 people) and would like to migrate to Customer Manager. How do I get my current Outlook Contacts/Companies into Customer Manager?
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Currently how it works, is that each user can select a contact and share it. This will then be part of the Group "Outlook Customer Manager", which we created. Once it is ... Read More
Yes, once you share it. We rely on Office 365 Groups infrastructure to enable sharing.
Hi David - This page has information on how to import data from other solutions into Outlook Customer Manager - https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Outlook-Blog/Best-practices-for-importing-contact-with-Outlook-Customer/ba-p/67994 Read More
Also, am I understanding correctly that anyone in our organization should be able to view each others contacts, history, etc if authorized? If so, how does that work?

What is the maximum recommended size of a small team that would use OCM for their company?

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Meaning that it wont work at all for more than 10 users? Or are you just saying that it isn't recommended for that many users?


We need to share OCM information with another company that's using Office 365 too?  It's that possible or in the roadmap?




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We are not supporting it right now. Can you clarify your scenario a little more, so we get a better understanding and can consider it for the future. Also please feel fre... Read More
Thanks John, we are working on this. :)

Hi John,

Currently, we have are exposing a subset of the contact fields from Outlook into Outlook Customer Manager. We are evaluating making additional fields available f

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Thank you for joining us and voicing your questions and feedback during this fun and action-packed hour.  


We will put together a summary document of what was covered during and share it in this group. See you next time!

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When will Outlook Customer Manager be available to Enterprise plans?

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We need to add some additional capabilities to the admin functionalities to enable E3 tenants. Adding it though is high on our priority list, as it is also one of our mos... Read More
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To clarify we're using a mix of E3 and E5.  Most of the people in our community use E3. 


This is the BIG question that everyone wants answers to. Even a vague, rough time

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Yes, interested in this also. E3 subscription
Same question, we are using E3

Our organization is prepping to migrate to Office 365 and we are curious to know if we will be able to migrate our Act! database info (have been using for over a decade) to the Outlook Customer Manager platform.  Can you provide any pertinent links for mo

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@Nancy Bradley - you can export data from ACT into csv and import to OCM

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When will the import from Excel spreadsheet functionality be turned on?

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Hey Kelly -- you can save excel to csv then import into OCM

How will we be able to see that an email in your Outlook email inbox is already tracked or tied to a Contact or a Company or a Deal? 


I would love to be able to see a tiny icon or something on the email to save time (and not have to open the Customer Mana

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Love the suggestion -- would you submit the idea to the user voice http://aka.ms/OCMfeedback

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