You can now customize the action for swipe left and swipe right in Outlook Preferences.


These preferences will also allow you to turn off swipe gestures completely.


This feature is available in Insider Fast starting in version 16.11 (180214) and requires activation via Office 365 subscription


To do this open Outlook Preferences (Outlook > Preferences) and click on Reading: 


Reading.pngOutlook > Preferences > Reading


At the bottom of this section, you can change the swipe gestures to one of the following.

  • Delete
  • Archive
  • Mark as Read
  • Flag
  • None


To turn gestures completely off, simply set both swipe left and swipe right to None. 


Please provide feedback and report issues via Help > Contact Support. If you would like to see other enhancements in Outlook for Mac, please vote for your feature request via Help > Suggest a Feature.


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I have been using Outlook via Office 365, and I believe that some gesture options were included in the last update. I just updated today and those gestures don't work anymore. I found this post and switched to Office Insider Fast but, now that I have updated, I don't see the gesture options indicated in your screen shot. Anything additional I need to do in order to get these gestures (back)? My version of Outlook has the following for Version 16.11 (180206).


Super excited to see this stuff coming to the desktop apps!



Brian Grant

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I updated again today and got the features you described in the post.

Awesome! Glad it's working for you now Brian. Please do let us know if you have any feedback. 


 thanks guys!


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Everyone is referencing that the annoying left/right swipe feature in Outlook is addressed in version version 16.11 (180214).  The version I currently have installed is 16.10 (180210).  Should be simple enough to check for updates, however when I do that, the response I receive is that there are no updates available at this time.  What can I do to address this.  The feature in question is incredibly counter-productive.

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Can we please have 'Move' as an option?


Also, would be great to have more than two options by supporting short and long swipes in both directions. Other apps have this. 


Hi Bob,


The version you are running, 16.10 (180210), is our February production release, which goes to both Production and Insider Slow audiences. To get this feature (Customize Swipe Gestures) you'll need to join Insider Fast. You can do this via the AutoUpdate app (Help > Check for Updates). Insider Fast provides weekly updates with the latest features. The latest Fast update is 16.11 (180223). Please also feel free to contact us via Help > Contact Support with any feedback on this feature. We'd like to hear more details on why you think it's counter-productive. 





Hi David,


Thanks for the feedback on this feature. I also recommend adding these to our feature request site via Help > Suggest a Feature (even though it's an feature improvement ). You can also leave feedback via Help > Contact Support. 




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Quick question:  I am using Office 365 and my desktop (MAC) version of Outlook is 16.16 (180812). On my desktop version of outlook, when I go to outlook > preferences, "reading is not showing as one of my choices.  As a result, I am unable to go in to Reading to edit my swipe settings.  Can you help me solve this?