We are very excited to announce that the ability to create and tables is now available in Outlook for Mac Insider Fast, starting with the 16.9 (171210) release! Everything that you can do with tables in Microsoft Word, you can now do in Outlook.


In order to insert a table, open a new compose window and click on the Table command in the ribbon.



Once you have inserted the table in the compose area, and your table is selected, you will see two new tabs in the compose window ribbon - Table Design and Layout. Commands in these two tabs will allow you to tailor the table just the way you want to!




We know a lot of users have been waiting patiently for this feature so we are very happy to be able to finally roll this out. We're still ironing out some bugs so if you see an issue or if you just have feedback, please contact us via Help > Contact Support


If you would like to see enhancements and additions to this feature, (or Mac Outlook as a whole), please vote for the idea on our UserVoice site (Help > Suggest a Feature)


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Finally! I'm going to cry

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How do I download 16.9 (171210)?. When I downloaded faster inside I got 16.9 (171212)

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Waiting to see it in real

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I see this is v 16.9, but I have 15.41 (171205), desktop client. I have been keeping up with all of the released updates...is v 16.x the next release version for us or is this going to be in a new Office 2018 or something?

Jay, barring any unforeseen issues, this should be available in our next prod release - coming later this month! 

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@Deleted, Fast Insider builds include slow insider builds.

I have created this email in Outlook 16.10 build 180109


 Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 12.08.16.png

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Hi, was Table composing removed on latest build? I have 16.11 and Table insert button is not available.


Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.35.36 AM.png

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Same issue here, Ricardo, except we have 16.10 (see below) and while I and a couple of other colleagues lost table support with the update from 16.9 to 16.10, not everyone here did. That, to me, is a weird one.



Any else?


Microsoft, any ideas?


How can I roll back to 16.9?!!


Outlook 16.10.png


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Me and my coworkers have the 16.10 version (180210), and in all Outlooks, the table item does not appear.


I contact with the support customer service, and the first time they said me this:

" Please quit the outlook aplication, then copy paste this command "/Library/Group Containers/" in spotlight, and then, removed this file from "Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/MicrosoftRegistrationDB.reg". Then, launch Outlook aplication and check if it shows the "tables option".


This solution works, but after 30 minutes, the table icon disappear again. The solution they gave me is not working.

I contact again, and they give me another solution:

"Could you please download the 'Flight Reset Tool' by following the link: https://github.com/pbowden-msft/FlightReset."


This solution does not work too. Any ideas or solutions to fix the tables problem?

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I'm on 16.10 and the table button is missing. It had shown previously.


I don't have a/Library/Group Containers/ folder.


FlightReset didn't work for me.


Would love to know what is causing this and what the solution is.