Google Calendar and Contacts, now in Insider Slow

Support for Google Calendar and Contact has been available in Insider Fast for several months now. With the rollout of 16.11 (180305), this functionality will slowly start rolling out to Insider Slow audience as well.


Previous announcement: https://blogs.office.com/en-us/2017/03/01/outlook-2016-for-mac-adds-support-for-google-calendar-and-...


We would love to hear from you as we make improvements in Insider Fast, so please provide feedback and report issues via Help menu > Contact Support. If you would like to see other enhancements in Outlook for Mac, please vote for your feature request via Help menu > Suggest a Feature


Should we have access to this functionality now if we are on the most current version? Not sure what "slowly rolling out" means.


Hi @John Butterworth. We are rolling out the feature via a mechanism we call flighting. All you need to do is get the latest Insider Slow build, which is 16.11 (180311). If you already have a Google Account added as IMAP in Outlook, a dialog will be displayed when the feature is enabled (when you receive the flight).