Edit 2/8/19:

We encountered some issues with Files which prevented it from being released. We expect it to be coming soon.



Starting next week, if you are a Targeted Release customer who wants to try the early version of the new Outlook on the web, simply click on the “Try the new Outlook” toggle on the top right corner of your inbox. When you click the toggle, you’ll see all new Outlook on the web modules for Mail, Calendar, and People. Opt-in and out as often as you want.


Toggle blog.png 

Find the toggle on the top right of your inbox


Let’s look at some of the new features you can try when you opt in to the early version of Outlook on the web.


Search – No time to search? Outlook anticipates what you’ll need based on recent conversations and people with whom you work the most.


Search.png Updated search for Mail, Calendar, and People


Files (Files is coming soon) – Trying to find a file in your inbox can be a time-consuming exercise, to help you with that we have added a Files module that will show you all the files that you received or sent in your inbox.

Pro tip: Use Favorites to make sure you always find files from important people. Coming soon.


Use Files to find all the files and docs in your inbox


Suggested replies – The new Outlook brings intelligent technology to your inbox to save you time. Focus on what matters more and let Outlook help with you the rest. Use suggested replies when you need to respond with a short message, just a couple of clicks and off you go.



Select a response, edit it if you need to, and send!


Simplified event creation — You can now quickly add events to your calendar with updated event icons, so you can quickly identify events and see location suggestions to get address details.

 Cal - quick cap.png

Updated event icons let you quickly identify events


Smart room suggestions – Intelligent technology in Outlook now helps you find the best room for your meetings based on the attendees, time, availability, and your preferences.


Room sugg.png

Outlook will recommend rooms for you


Simplified add-in experience — We’ve simplified the way you access add-ins while giving you more control. Outlook add-ins bring your favorite apps right to your inbox, so you can accomplish tasks faster—including saving an email directly to your notebook, translating emails on the fly, or paying your friends. You can access popular apps and and services like BoomerangEvernoteGIPHYGfycatMicrosoft TranslatorMojiLaLaPayPalTrello, and more right from your inbox.

If you were using add-ins in the classic Outlook on the web experience, they will show up pinned next to mail actions or in the drop-down menu once you open an email in the new experience. You can also install more add-ins from the Office Store—simply open an email, click the drop-down menu, and select Get Add-ins. Once installed, add-ins will show up in the drop-down menu. You can also choose to pin frequently used add-ins.


More ways to use and manage groups in Outlook – Group-based collaboration, powered by the Office 365 Groups service, is an integral part of working in Outlook. We received a lot of valuable feedback on groups in the past and based on that we are excited to announce we have improved existing features such as faster and simpler group creation, richer group card, more efficient group email triage, and we are also introducing new features such as group Files view that focuses on the latest file activity and group management in the People module.


Groups - more ways.png

 See a list of all your groups, take membership actions, or favorite a group – all in one place


Favorites makes things front and center – Many things at work are important and then there are the ones you can’t miss like an email from your manager or a project’s requests and updates. Favorites is perfect for those times, just add specific folders, people, or categories to your Favorites to keep them only a click away.



Add the things you can’t miss to Favorites


More ways to keep up with your groups - Groups cards can now be used from anywhere inside Outlook to view membership information, and group owners can take membership actions as well, or navigate to group apps or group resources such as Files, Planner, and SharePoint site.


blog - groups 2.png

See group information and membership with group cards


Take these features for a spin, and tell us what you think in our UserVoice channel.

Stay tuned to additional enhancements that will come over the next few months, including new and updated features. Based on your feedback, we’ll iterate, improve, refine, or discard them. To stay up-to-date, follow us on Twitter or keep an eye on the Office roadmap to see what is coming. But wait, there is more! We're also rolling out updates in Outlook for Windows.


Thank you!





Q. Who will see the toggle?

A. Organizations in Targeted Release who have not blocked the toggle


Q. Can I block the toggle?

A. Yes, if you are an Office 365 administrator you should have received a Message Center post with instructions


Q. How long will the opt-in toggle stay in Targeted Release?

A. We are driven by quality rather than a timeline, so we will release the opt-in toggle broadly when it’s ready


Q. Will I find all the classic experience features in the early version of the new Outlook on the web?

A. No. Since this is an early version of the new Outlook on the web, there will be some features not yet available on 9/10. You can read this article to learn more.


Q. What if you are missing a feature I really need?

A. You can always switch back to the classic Outlook on the web as many times as you need. You should also let us know in our UserVoice channel.


Q. Where can I learn more about the changes?

A. This support article is a good place to start.


Q. How do I join the Targeted Release program?

A. You can start here.

Occasional Visitor

Any chance the email filters in OWA will get improved to be more useful? Currently, without the ability to do say "If subject contains the text 'blah' and 'blah2'" really makes filter a pain when you get loads of emails from various other products.

Hi Ronald,

Thanks for your feedback! There is an option to create a rule that would allow you to filter messages with specific words in the subject line (or the body).

Is this something that would help you?


Rules creation.PNG




Occasional Visitor

Do you know dates for Ring 3 (targeted release) and Ring 4 (general availability) for these changes? Is there a specific Roadmap item related to these changes?

Occasional Visitor

How can I enable the Outlook Web Beta, for my small business that uses Office 365? I do have Targeted Release enabled.

Hello Sam


Targeted release will start on September 10 according to the O365 Message Center.


- Florian

Occasional Contributor

Hello @Gabriel Valdez Malpartida will it be possible to save attachments to a desired storage such as a o365 group directly from the email? Would love that you add possibility to choose place to store such as when I can choose where to attach from.. sites and groups or onedrive plus desired folder.




Regular Visitor

Any idea when search folders might make an appearance in Outlook on the Web? I use these a lot in the desktop client and not having them in Outlook on the Web is disruptive to my work flow.

Occasional Visitor

to me the capability to show another mailbox permanently in the overview is still missing, instead to open it in an additional tab. This would be especially practical to show my personal one and the company’s main e-mail in my case.


What are your ideas?


This all looks lovely. However, personally, I'd really like to see some improvements to Mac Desktop  Outlook application, at very least make all the features that are available on the Windows version available to Mac. In this modern age, it's really quite unbelievable how different the two applications are. 

Occasional Contributor

What about OCM integration?  Well overdue....  As a Mac user I cannot effectively use OCM at all currently

Occasional Visitor

I would love to have an option to print a "yearly view" of the agenda. Specially CxO's and other professionals have "whole days" booked (due to Factory visits, training sesions, etc. And they have to plan 6 to 12 months ahead. Therefore it'd be great to have a summarized view of the 6 to 12 months ahead, showing at least the name for the "whole day" agenda items, and the scattered agenda ítems just by making the day number "bold"....

Occasional Visitor

For my team, one of the main reasons they stick with the desktop version over the web version is the excessive whitespace and lack of definition between panes in the web version. Using the same resolution monitor, same outlook settings (reading panel on bottom and 50/50 split)  the web version displays less than half the number of messages and less detail about them in the upper pane than the desktop version does. Understood this is a web page and considerations must be made for different browsers, devices etc. but some additional display options would go a long way toward adoption in my environment.  Thank you!

Occasional Contributor

Is functionality with this new interface reduced if Delve is disabled in the tenant settings?

Occasional Visitor

Will this version allow us to send emails to all of our members without being flagged for spamming each time?  Outlook has for all intents & purposes become completely useless, as we have nearly 400 members we need to send e-blasts and announcements. We have not been able to do so in Outlook  since we switched to 365 (and you evidently decided we were spammers.) Thank goodness for Mail Chimp/Gmail.  

Occasional Visitor

We'd like to see the Outlook Web in the same way as Microsoft Outlook client. (inbox mail list as a table).


Regular Visitor

Can you tell us which browsers this will be supported on and if there will be any limitations to it with IE11. Thanks

Regular Visitor

Interesting that with all the changes and updates to Office 365 and Outlook 365, there are still no user interface customizations to improve reading comfort with bolder fonts, better font contrast, and dark reading backgrounds. There are browser add-ins to overcome some of these problems, but those are difficult to deploy and maintain for large user groups. We want to be able to reach parity with Gmail's web interface and its theme customizations. 


This update looks interesting.  A couple suggestions if I may:

1.    I still preferred the "Inbox and Clutter" folders to the present "Focused and Other".    

1a:  Any way to stop the PING for mail received in Other?  Drives me crazy.  The sender has been classified by me as "other" because I've told it that it's unimportant stuff.  But the ping distracts me to go look for a just-received email.  That's a good reason why the "Clutter" box was better than "Other".


2.  The criteria for automatically sending an email to Deleted needs to be improved, i.e. the Learn feature needs to be improved.  As example, a guy I work with will always send me a "thankyou" email as immediate response.  I get half a dozen a day, sometimes.  So to slim down my Inbox size, I push it to Deleted.  However, his next email (important) went straight to Deleted based on this AI.    I find I have to go through the Deleted file several times a day to check that important emails were not directed there.  i.e. please improve the  "learn" feature.

John Sutton, PE

Regular Visitor

We would like to see our Outlook 365 environment become as customizable, comfortable, and powerful as Gmail that we have been using since it was released. So far, we don't see the Outlook 365 group headed in that direction at all. Blinding all-white screen backgrounds, impossible to read thin pastel fonts as compared to rich full-featured customization themes we already have in Gmail. That is why for us, Outlook 365 is only used for backup. 


Gmail vs Outlook365, 2018-Sep-5.jpgBlinding white Outlook 365 on the left, comfortable Gmail on the right.

Occasional Visitor

Will you finally have a unified inbox like all other mail providers where all MS, pop3/imap emails have a simple unified inbox feature without having to manually set up a folder and divert emails or having to add all email as permission on the main account.....so frustrating and something that is going to send us to Google if not fixed by renewal

Occasional Visitor
If we opt out of the Beta phase, will we be notified if and when the new look will become the mandatory default look? Also, is the disabling of the Toggle an all or nothing setting, or can we disable it for end-user and have it enabled for IT staff?

Will the new version of Outlook on the web use permanent URLs for individual messages? The ability to save a permalink to a particular message is invaluable if you're using any kind of external task manager. This is one feature I sorely miss from Gmail.

As today is 10th September I cannot see the try new outlook button in my mailbox.

Regular Contributor

@Gabish Khanal rollout started september 10th. Not all tenants receive the update on the first day. And you need a Targeted release tenant.

How can I get the Targeted release soon because I want it soon. Please help.

Regular Contributor

In the Admin Center under Settings navigate to Organization profile. On that page you see Release preferences. Click edit and choose the prefered option, Targeted release for everyone or Targeted release for selected users.

I have already changed it but I cannot see toogle in my mailbox.

Regular Contributor

@Gabish Khanal read my first reply or read the Notification in the admin center.....

Occasional Visitor

How do you automatically have Outlook for the web BOLD new incoming messages?  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.


My own account is listed as targeted in organisational profile and I haven't done anything with the opt-out toggle but I can't see the slider in Outlook. What am I doing wrong? It's two days since this feature was going to be launched - or is it a rolling update and one's tenant is not updated yet? How do I check if my tenant has the new feature? So many questions... :-)

Occasional Visitor

Same here, also no sign of the "new outlook365" 

I turned the toggle switch back to classic view to see the difference between them and now I can't find the toggle switch to turn the "new Outlook" back on?

Senior Member

UPDATE: I found the link to access shared mailboxes! It is exactly where it has been, but you have to go to the calendar tab to see it. 


Any idea when access to a shared mailbox will come back to the Outlook Web App? Seems to be missing in the new look. Love the new look with the dark theme, but have to switch back to the old version to get the link to access a shared mailbox.

Occasional Contributor

It's now the 20th September - still no sign of any toggle. I checked with MS support and they confirm that we are set for targeted release but that we haven't received it.

Perhaps you could correct your article as it says "Starting next week, if you are a Targeted Release customer who wants to try the early version of the new Outlook on the web, simply click on the “Try the new Outlook” toggle on the top right corner of your inbox"

MS support say that they have no information as to when some tenants will get this. Rather annoying to keep reading about it all over the place

Occasional Visitor

How do I access shared mailboxes?

Frequent Contributor

OWA Open Shared Mailbox.png

Occasional Visitor

Thanks for the tip. But my folder list doesn't have my main mailbox name at the top. It has Favorites followed by Folders. Right clicking on those doesn't yield the same menu options.



Occasional Contributor

Accessing a shared folder is not the same as accessing another mailbox. For now, you'll have to toggle back to the 'old' version of OWA and when you're done with the other mailbox, toggle the new version back on.

Occasional Visitor

Will the actual text editor in webmail improve? Formatting, especially text copied in from Word, is a constant struggle for us.

New Contributor

Is there a way to disable the "Encrypt" button when you compose a new email? We don't want our users to question whether emails are being encrypted if we aren't using o365 secure mail.  

Not applicable

As mentioned by @Kreera House you have to toggle back to the old version to open a shared mailbox. Will shared mailbox access be available when the new version will be made available for all users?

Occasional Contributor

Where is Files.PNG

So we don't see the option for Files yet. Am I looking in the right place? And yes, I have switched on The new Outlook. 

I don't see a Files tab either??

Regular Visitor

the new search feature is nice but still lacks of searching by sender, recipient or subject. I still need to add the operators"from, too, cc" for searching for specific emails.

If those fields are added for searching option it would be very great


The new Outlook doesn’t render Office 365 message centre emails correctly. This is Outlook: https://i.imgur.com/TV1sOwr.png


And this is new Outlook on web: https://i.imgur.com/wek5MMr.png


Then again, neither can the old OWA 😊 But if you’re collecting bugs from this thread, this one might as well go on.


The new "Decline meeting request" functionality has taken a step back in terms of usability in terms of clicks (3 as opposed to 2) plus a lot more mouse movement to move a slider. Before, you simply clicked "Decline" and selected "Don't send the response": 


Now you have to click no, move the mouse over to the right, toggle off "Notify organiser" and hit send:


The context menu was much quicker. I get a lot of meeting requests that I have to decline this way. Considering the title is "The Outlook on the web user experience gets simpler and more powerful" the answer on this one is "Nope" and "Nope".



This one is just annoying but not been able to open other mailboxes is a showstopper. 


Has the new Outlook web interface cocked up the rendering of one's avatar in Office 365. Or is this just coincidence. When I load the company SharePoint home page, my avatar appears briefly:


But after a second, it disappears and displays my initials:


It never appears in the new Outlook web - always just "HC". 


Hmm, could be a fault elsewhere as on the SharePoint home page where it appears and then disappears, there is a new green tick on there and on clicking my icon, it doesn't show my avatar.


I know 100% that I have not changed my avatar for years (as it's the company logo) but I've only spotted it's disappearing since trying the new Outlook web app...


Later... this problem only occurs in Edge. It's fine in Chrome. Except you don't get the option to try the new Outlook in Chrome. I assume that is by design, i.e. the button is only displayed when you're running Edge??

Occasional Visitor

....and then existing OWA add-ins broke, because since it seems OnSend is not supported yet in the new design. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52552114/onsend-does-not-work-in-the-outlook-web-app-new-design-...


Also my last name is Null apparently here, after creating a new account: https://imgur.com/6hiLTPk

Even though this does not seem to be my real last name, this means we're all family here. 👌


Hello familia! Peace out 🖖


We have some questions related new Outlook web app:

  • What about Skype web integration like OWA?
  • Why Emoji are not present anymore?
  • Why it's not possible to move attachements directly from mail to mail.. (with old OWA was possible)

Thank you


Senior Member

@Gabriel Valdez Malpartida does this option require the "targeted to organization" or can we expect it to come soon for the handful of people we have with "targeted release" turned on specifically for?  We have several anxiously awaiting this feature from our Senior Leadership team (tagged as targeted release) but nothing yet.