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Check out the following click-through demos, guiding IT pros and IT enthusiasts through the latest Office features and functionality.


Deploying Office as a Service


Deploying and configuring Office telemetry components


Deploying Office 365 to a pilot computer

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The Lync Labs would have been extemely useful as the deployment is largely identical to Skype For Business. Please can you make these available again for those studying f

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I'm unable to access the information for O365 groups.  I just get a dark grey screen...have tried accessing in both IE and Chrome.

Hello Maddie, 

Thank you for bringing the retired guides back. 
The migraton guides are a big help. 

Good stuff @Maddie Egan. I like these interactive guides.


Anything to help the end user actually interact with the environment and get comfortable with it is the way to t

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Such helpful guides. Thank You

Based on popular demand, we have added the previously retired guides back to the site. Please see the original Interactive Guides post for a list.

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