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When I select "Start the new client" under "Sync Client for SharePoint" settings, what is going to happen to users who still work with Groove.exe? Does Sync with Groove still work? Any pitfalls to think about before switching to the new client?

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Groove should continue syncing for those who already have sync's running, and would only change over to the OneDrive client if you run the command line switch to change o... Read More

When sharing a OneNote in OneDrive the following error pops up:  "The server you are trying to access is using an authentication protocol not support by this version of Office"

Any ideas how to resolve this?

We are currently using:

Office 365 Pro Plus (16.0.

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Can you possibly supply a screenshot of what you're trying to do?
And are you doing the sharing from OneDrive itself, or from within OneNote?

My customer is running OneDrive client 17.3.6743.1212 (latest version) and synced a few SharePoint libraries (SP Online/ Office 365). 
Last week his password expires, so changed his password, entered his password on every local application on his Windows 1

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I just changed my password yesterday and I have this exact same problem.

Hi Peter - i also changed the password about a week ago, don't remember such issue. Same configuration, the only with ADFS but i guess that doesn't matter.

I guess you spe

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IMO that behaviour is not directly connected with the password change.

In fact, in the latest OneDrive previews, you tipically have three "trees" in the left bar of File E

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We are going through group policy settings for the OneDrive sync client.  Has anyone set a max percentage of uplaod bandwidth?  What did you set at or did you let the service determine the bandwidth (default)?  Or have you run into issues that led you to

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My question is, if I have a user, that changes from one company to another (still inside the global company and therefor still in the same Tenant) the user gets new UPN and new e-mail address, how do I give that user access to the same OneDrive the user h

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Here we are talking about two different things...if you change the UPN of your user, he will have a new fresh OneDrive and it's not clear to me what happens with the prev... Read More

Do we know what does this mean?  We have new sync clients installed in the machines.




I am missing something here or it is a one of those user friendly ways to change settings?




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This setting was to force the use of the new, nextgen sync client when the Groove client was still predominant.  

We are planning to roll out ODFB shortly (no MDM/Intune yet).  The requirements from InfoSec team is to block dowloading, printing, coping and syncing to personal devices.  That's all achievable via MAM if the tenant is in "First release for everyone".  W

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This is new and is worrying lots of users trying to quickly share docs which the presume will remain confidential within OneDrive for Business

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Anyway you can change the default in OneDrive admin center.


2017-03-07 14_34_09-OneDrive for Business Admin Preview.jpg

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I noticed this as well as it's not the default way we'd like OneDrive files to be shared.  You can update this in the OneDrive Admin Center.  Under sharing set the defaul

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This is the new way of sharing in OneDrive for Business.

I need some help to a powershell script, that can remove an owner on all users OneDrive.

The user is added trough a 3rd party tool named ShareGate (I think by mistake) by the Sharepoint admin, so now he is owner on all OneDrive (the users are still owner t

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I think you can do this by following bellow steps:
(1) This script will provide you the logic to access all the ODFBs of all the users in your tenant: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/How-to-get-all-the-space-24065b8c
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Has anyone seen/heard about this issue? I just opened a ticket with MS on it, but wanted to see if anyone has any info.


When you check the box to limit external sharing by domain, and you add domains,

for this customer, its showing 11 domains that it can s

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Try PowerShell? Might be some UI issue.

I have read where the NGSC has the capability to sync only one Personal OneDrive but multiple Business OneDrives. I have mine set up to sync my Business OneDrive and it works great. When I attempt to sync another Business OneDrive by using the Sync button

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No diagnostic available from here : No OS, NO Version of the NGSC available.
So to check it on those 2 devices, use SARA (Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Offi

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Try going to the settings of your onedrive and using the add account.  Sign in with your second onedrive for business account.  Afterwards you should be able to sync Shar

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Hi all!


Is there any way for a user to see a list of devices on which his O4B disk is synced?
Alternatively, if the administrator is able to check that?


I cannot see that possibility in Activity Log. So maybe there is some 3rd party tools, or something...?

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AFAIK, there is not by default a way of getting this information...you can easily know in which devices you have installed Office, but I'm not aware of a way of getting t... Read More

The new ODFB experience only shows me Files, Recent, Shared with Me, Discover, and Recyle Bin. How can I add to that quick launch side other libraries that i used to have before all of the changes?

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Basically you cannot add links to the ODFB quick launch or customize it in any way


When I try to view "Manage Storage"  from OneDrive Sync cliient ( Right click on OneDrive Sync Client in taskbar navigation area)  of my OneDrive site,  it is taking to the Site URL of the Shared Sync Folder site instead of taking to  "storage settings

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I have the latest (ends in .1212) client and am still seeing an issue that has been there since the initial release back in Sept/Oct.


I can open a file in Excel, either from the MRU list in Excel, using the File|Open menu, or double-clicking on a file in

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Experienced this today with Excel files when opening them from Ms Teams. I have the latest updates of OD and Excel. I had wanted to start a new conversation about this, w

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Any progress or fixes on this issue? Some customers are getting this problem with the new Onedrive

Thank you Ed for the meticulous documentation of this issue.  We see the same behavior:  not every open of a file, but a lot of them, result in unexpected read-only.  It

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This is exactly what I have seen since using the /takeover and utilizing the new NG OneDrive. Here are the specifics:


I did the onedrive.exe /takeover option and it shut

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How do you remove the Read-Only so you can edit the file. Most spreadsheets are a work in progress where you publish and then change the sheet.

Hi All,


i synched a Library on my local PC. If i try to create a new Folder or try to delete a fill, Windows is denying it .... I do not have the permission ....




What could be the problem?


With another Device, i do not have these problems...


Best regards

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Hi all,


i want to copy Pictures from one Picture Library to another, which both are located on the same Site ("Family")

(named "fotos" & "Bilder").

2017-08-01 11_43_26-SharePoint Store and 8 more pages ‎- Microsoft Edge.png








When accessing this page with OneDrive4B, they are not shown up as a normal Document Library would do?

2017-08-01 11_47_30-Family – OneDrive and 8 more pages ‎- Microsoft Edge.png

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Mmm...let my try to help you:
1. What you are seeing from your ODFB is actually not a document library, is a Group / SPO Site
2. When working with document libraries you ha... Read More

Our vision here on the OneDrive for Business and SharePoint team has always been to give you the best experience for all your files. While you’ve always been able to store basically any file with us, we have been investing heavily in our web viewing techn

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Why is there no previewer support for DNG files created by Lumia 950 XL / Windows Phone 10?

Hi @Stephen Rose,


You've mentioned Adobe formats for the viewers in this post. 

What about actually working with these files? I haven't found a way to open/edit images/psd

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Are there any switches or query string params to be able to use the new file viewer in a modal?  Whenever I try it, I get taken to the root document library/parent instea

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I have been waiting and waiting for .log support in OneDrive!!!


Now all we need is for Onedrive for Busienss to be able to upload the pictures we take with our work phone

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How can I configure SharePoint to display a preview of an msg file in the search results? Currently the mouse-over shows basic properties of the file, but no preview. Cli

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I currently have one users that doesn't see some (not all) Office 365 Groups in their OneDrive for Business Web Client. The same hidden groups are all visible and accessible in all other services (owa, planner, sharepoint).

It's not a browser issue, we

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Chad below had the right instructions, but I had to explore to find out how to make the group appear:

1. Go to the group's page you'd like to have appear in OneDrive

2. Cli

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Some of my groups weren't showing. If you go into SharePoint, search for the group, then follow group in the top-right, they will show up in OneDrive.
Strange, I can confirm I'm seeing Groups in OneDrive in the usual way

Hi all,


Based on feedback, we're making a small update to how the new sharing dialog works with the "Specific People" option.


You may recall that we previously had two people pickers in the dialog: One to select who the sharing link work for and anoth

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Tagging @Juan Carlos González Martín and @Andrew Silcock as I know they were both interested in this change :) 

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We are able to turn off "Create Site" on the SharePoint page via the SharePoint Admin.


I have not found how to do this on the OneDrive for Business page.


Is it possible to turn of the little "plus" symbol that allows users to create new Office 365 Groups/

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Government tenant here, so no Teams, but in OneDrive user can click on the + and an option to create a Team site or Communication site is made available to them.

This is w

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Mine is another company that would like to prevent this backdoor into SharePoint site creations...

Has this been implemented yet? We too as an organisation want to disable users from creating team sites through onedrive.

Any news to this issue?

We also want to turn of the little "plus" symbol that allows users to create new Team & Communication Sites on the OneDrive page, because users are

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Hello Eric,


I have a doubt to clarify - Will hiding the feature of "Create Site" on prodution tenancy during business hours have any impact on the user experience or othe

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For a while now, i have been aware of the 'Delve is just a window' motto around what files the app displays.


The current situation is, every ODFB account is unique, with only singular file sharing existing in certain accounts. However, Dive int

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Short answer: No, it cannot be changed what information Delve can shows....you can disable / enable Delve and the use of the Graph, but you cannot make a granular configu... Read More

I have utilized procmon and other methods and reproduced continually to be able to confirm now that there is in fact a MAJOR bug IMO in the Onedrive new gen client that handles both personal and business (both of which I use) - currently the latest versio

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Yes, I'm seeing the exact same thing over the past few weeks. It appears to be the most recent version of OneDrive that was installed (17.3.6943.0625), which also happene

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I'm testing the PowerShell provisioning of OneDrive sites with simple script but it does not appear to be working.

$tenant = "AAAAAA"

Import-Module Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell -DisableNameChecking
Connect-SPOService -Url https://$tenant-admin.shar

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Found the solution after working with Microsoft Premier support.  There are two errors on this page: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn792367.aspx (as of 8/21

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I'm checking to see if anyone else has had issues with the OneDrive.exe /takeover process. Specifically, I have not had the documented behavior of SharePoint (groove.exe) to [Company Name] (OneDrive.exe) takeover complete without user intervention. I know

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Hello @Patricia Hendricks,


Is there any update on this issue? What is the current status of it?


Takeover command still doesn't work for us :-/


  • Microsoft Office 2016 MSO (
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Andy Baerst wrote:


A consistently reproducible situation is,

  1. Run %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\OneDrive.exe /takeover. Sometimes nothing happens, sometimes the one or
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I faced an issue that takeover command only created the folder structure , without any files being copied.

I am surprised that there were no replies on this thread. I'm not sure whether to conclude that no one else is experiencing this issue (meaning specific to me...or caused

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