Policy Preventing Known Folder Move

Yordan Yordanov
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I am testing Known Folder Move in our environment but I can't get it to work successfully. No matter whether I enforce it through Group Policy or try it manually, the following error occurs:

OneDrive.pngOneDrive Error

I have no clue what this policy might be - all the OneDrive settings in Group Policy are cleared. Before I started testing, I had Folder Redirection configured for the Desktop and Documents folders. However I disabled it with the option to redirect the folders back to the local user profile since OneDrive complained that it cannot redirect folders that are on network locations. Now after Folder Redirection is disabled, this message is driving me nuts - what is this policy that is preventing it, any clues?

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Did you run RSOP?

Saw the same thing on my end and after making sure no policy was applied. Ran gpupdate /force, logged off and logged in. KFM didn't run silently like the policy was supposed to do but didn't get this alert again.

I ran GPResult several times to make sure that no restrictive policies apply to the client. The only ones that apply regarding OneDrive are:



Your picture shows what applies to the computer. run gpresult with user rights to check again.

RSOP will give you a better view as to what is applied to the user.


Here is the setting I discovered that caused this issue.

HKCU > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Policies > Explorer

DisablePersonalDirChange = (0)

Once this was set to (0) that policy issue went away.

Hope this helps you.

Yes, absolutely! This corresponds to the following policy:


Policy Prohibing OneDrive KFM.png


Once I removed it, it worked! Thanks very much to both of you for helping me sort this out!

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