OneDrive taking up space on C drive

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My OneDrive is taking up a lot of space on my C drive. I thought OneDrive was in the Cloud. Did I set it up wrong? Any tips or ideas on how to save space on my C drive when I am using OneDrive? Thanks!

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You might want to read up on it a bit. Assuming you are using recent W10 version, you can configure Files on demand:

Hi @Vasil Michev 


I was able to change the settings so the files are not stored locally, however, once you click on a file in File Explorer, then it downloads locally. Is there a way to stop the downloading when you click on the file or is the only way with the right-click then View Online?

If you simply click it, without opening the file, it should not be downloaded. If it does download it, it means you have some additional software messing things up - check every "scanner" type of application you have, as well as every application that has added entries to the right-click menu, applications that generate file previews/templates, etc.

Yes, the files only download locally if I double-click them. So then if I no longer want them locally I have to right-click "Free Up Space"? I am just curious as we are going to have several users that will share and edit files out of a Team OneDrive and I don't want a bunch of local copies on each users C drive. 

Well that's the "on demand" part - applications need to have access to the entire file to work with it. If you don't want that to happen at all, ditch the sync client and only access OneDrive via the browser.

That makes total sense. Thanks for all your help @Vasil Michev !!

It is also possible to move the library to another (larger) local drive, if you have one.

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