Limit disk space usage with new sync feature

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We have lots of shared pc's (for students and staff) on which we don't allow OneDrive sync because the disks would quickly fill up if everyone starts syncing their OneDrive.


With the placeholders being introduced (again) later this year, will there be any possibility to limit the disk space usage by policy or are there other possibilities to avoid disks filling up?



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FYI, Sync Files OnDemand is coming to ODFB as part of the Windows 10 update coming after summer....this new feature would solve your problem

Could we have the administrative ability to limit the total size of the local cache on a per user or per computer basis? Leaving the eviction process up to an arbitrary low disk warning may still cause issues with shared machines. It looks like this will replace my WebDAV mappings to onedrive for business on conference and shared pcs.


(Sorry, reply should have been to Juan)

Hello Juan,


I know about the new OnDemand sync, I would like to know if it will be possible to limit the space taken by this new OnDemand sync using a policy. Our shared PC's can be used by a few 100 users each month.



Guys, adding @Stephen Rice that for sure will have the proper and right answer for your questions :-)....I don't have it, that's why I'm adding him

Unfortunately, I don't have an answer here either, but I'll foward this thread along to folks who know more. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

The OnDemand sync will allow users to access files without using up disk storage.

LeAndra, I know it is possible to access files wthout using disk space but

- users can still decide to take everything offline

- some files will be taken offline automatically


We need to be able to limit the storage used by every user or be able to disable the possibility to take files offline.

@Stephen Rose  Is it possible to limit disk space usage with the new sync feature?

We wil share more around management of OneDrive Files On-Demand at Ignite this year.

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