Difference between OneDrive for Business Vs Next Generation Sync Client (Microsoft OneDrive)

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We are in the process of rolling out New OneDrive(Microsoft OneDrive).


I am looking for new enhancements added or differece between ODFB and NGSC so that we can put them in our comm mail for user awareness.


Can some one please provide me above info?

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I'm not sure If I understand what you need...ODFB is the personal cloud storage provide to every user in Office 365 and NGSC is the tool that allows user to sync ODFB content into their PCs

@Juan Carlos González Martínthanks for the swift reply.


Let me try to simply;


I am lookig difference between groove.exe and onedrive.exe


Groove.exe or ODFB was older version of OD client and onedrive.exe is the new OD client.


i am looking for list the new features added to onedrive.exe

Have a look at Hans Brender blog where he is writting a great follow up of the different ODFB versions released so far You will find there all the specific features for NGSC

Hi Vinod, 


We used this article below as source of information about the differences between OT'S.


See if that helps.

This article shows what is wrong with the current state of OneDrive.


Microsoft clearly needs to throw everything out and provide just one client that is able to distinguish between personal, business and whatnot.

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