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Once a SharePoint is sync'ed the data is on the computer of the user.


In case the user is no longer allowed have access to the data (e.g., the user changed team in the company), we can remove the permission to access SharePoint and sync will no longer

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This one of the few features that Dropbox has that I was surprised SharePoint does not. Please advise when this may be possible. It's handy to be able to wipe remote loca... Read More

Thanks for your question.  We are well aware of the scenario and working on it.  No timelines to share.  What type of devices are you managing?  PCs? Macs? Win10?

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Can I expect to be able to sync "Shared with me" either in OneDrive Consumer and OneDrive Office 365?

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Hi Martin, We don't have any plans to support this at this time. If you're interested, please submit the request to UserVoice! Thanks! Stephen Rice

I have noticed recently that the OneDrive next-gen sync engine 17.3.6743.1212 on Windows 10 1607 does not pause sync automatically if the device (notebook) switches to a metered connection. Instead, a notification is shown to pause it manually.


Why this c

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Hi Martin,


We introduced the "pause sync" functionality in the last 6-8 months but it does not pause automatically on metered connections. This is something we're inter

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I'm curious how Microsoft handles MAC machines. From what I understand we can either allow MACs to sync or not. We cannot restrict based on domain membership.


30% of my users are on MAC. I'd like to allow them to sync, but only if they are domain joined.

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Our tests with domain membership appeared to work. Did I not test right?

Hi Michael,


The Mac client does not yet support this restriction at this time.  Our solution for you will be to bring Conditional Access support to Mac.  No timeline to

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Our organization (8000 users) has been looking in to how we can leverage OneDrive for a solultion similar to roaming profiles, but using OneDrive vs the LAN.  This will be great for us as it will ensure user data is backed up, can be accessed online and m

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We're in the middle of rolling this out to our company and will have over 1000 users on it at some point soon.  It's working very well with the minor issues you're refren

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Hi @Graydon Tredger - I believe your approach is quite sound.  We are challenging our selves to avoid performing legacy activites, just because we did this in the past -

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Our organization requires technology services for about 1,500 users. We currently redirect to network storage for all users. Like you, we have been seeking a way to u

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Hi Graydon,

Glad to hear you're finding success with this solution! This practice is being more commonly adopted in other organization's rollouts as well. The steps above... Read More
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Is it possible on a client level to exclude specific files, file types, or files sizes from syncing?  Say I have a 6gig ISO on my desktop (that is currently redirected to ODFB).  Right now, if I want to prevent it from syncing with ODFB I have to drop it

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We do have the ability to block specific file types from syncing. We have the control in the sync section of the new admin center.



We have some subcontractor wich need to sync files from our tenant.


We have set up an account with us, but when he tries to sync he gets an error asking if the library belongs to another company.


Is it possible for him to even sync files from out tenan

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Hi there,


We know this is super important, but we don't support this at this time.  Supporting sync of content outside your tenant is going to be critical for users lik

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I am hoping that this gets recorded as I have a conflicting meeting. My most pressing question is will we be able to brand the OneDrive emails that get delivered. Being a financial institution i dont like that the invites to share content come across as M

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Hey Natic, 


The event isn't exactly recorded but we will compile and share a summary of all the action. Keep an eye on this group in the coming days and you'll see it! 

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I have version 17.3.6743.1212 on my Windows 10 computer since 2017-01-24.
Is scheduled task "OneDrive Standalone Update Task v2" really required to get updates?
This includes action: %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe
Can I delet

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Hi Jorma,


We highly recommend against removing the OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe, or taking steps to disable auto updates of the onedrive client.  Auto updates ensure t

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The latest ODFB now syncs OD and SP team sites on Office 365. When will the NGSC of ODFB sync SharePoint 2016 "on-premise" OD and more specifically team site libraries? https://blogs.office.com/2017/01/24/onedrive-brings-new-file-collaboration-and-management-features-to-the-enterprise/

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Steve, we are still committed to supporting NGSC with SP On-Prem but don't have a timeline to share at this time.
Best Response confirmed by Anna Chu (Community Manager)

Hey everyone! Foundry IT manager looking for some clarification on OneDrive business, specifically on Mac.


For example - it appears that going to a 365 group page and looking at the main files tab and clicking on "Sync" should do something. It even asks

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Hello Mike

"Sync" doesn't do anything on any computer.  At first I thought One Drive did Master/Slave replication, e.g. a no worries backup solution.


I copied all my criti

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Looking for a solution for this. I have the same problem. Sync is working good on my MacBook Air for my OfB, but Groupsync is not working. Anyone a solution? Bug?
Welcome Mike!

One of the heavily used features that was lost in O365 / OD4B is the ability for users to easily get a link to a file.  Not a sharing link that modifies permissions, but just a plain old link that you can paste into an email.  Are there plans to bring thi

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Hey Dan,


Are you talking about the feature where you could "get a link" that was a "restricted" link? When we started reworking our sharing UI, we found that not many u

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Is there a timeline for the return of placeholders to the OneDrive Clients?

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Please when you do leave an option to turn off placeholders, I like it the way it is now just seeing a subset of folders. Should be choice both ways.
Rather sooner than later, especially now Dropbox has announced this feature...
That sounds promising. Hope the ETA will begin becoming shorter some day. I wait for the shortening to happen for several years already :)
We will have more to share later this year



two questions

1) When will the Mac OneDrive for Business Sync client allow Shared Folder access?

2) Will there be plans to add Drive letter or volume mapping to OneDrive similar to what Expandrive can do for Box? This would be awesome for replacing l

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I like this Varun...map drive to your OneDrive would be cool (for example, you'd have C:\ drive for windows; d:\ for DVD-ROM; O:\ for one drive). Awesome suggestion!

What's the timeline of the NGSC to support syncing with on-prem SharePoint Libraries?

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Nothing to announce at this time, but we hear you :)
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Update: The AMA Summary is posted! View in the Word Document or Sway


Thank you for joining us and voicing your questions and feedback during this fun and action-packed hour.  


We will put together a summary document of what was covered during and sh

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The AMA Summary is posted! View in the Word Document or Sway


Thank you for joining us. We hope to see you next time!



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Best Response confirmed by Michael Holste (Community Manager)

Thank you team! Great discussions and information here.

What's the User Voice site for making and voting up change requests for OneDrive?

Thank you all! Have a nice evening. :)

That was fun! Thanks!

When can we see the on-demand sync feature? Is there a more specific timeline?


Today there is no simple way without 3rd part addons in Outlook to save an attached file in an email directly to a Sharepoint online site. This is a huge restriction for our cu

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Have you seen DetachPipe from DataMystic? 

Have you looked into using Flow? there are several templates to help you get started at https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/search/?q=attachment

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Hi Niklas,
On both of these, we can't give you specific timelines in a public forum, if you're a customer or partner (sounds like you may be a partner), we can have an off... Read More

I use OneDrive for Business at work (I'm a mechanical engineer), and uploading pictures and video in the OneDrive app on iOS is one of my favorite features. I love the fact that uploading through the app does not save the pics and videos on my phone (for

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you may want to take a look at uploading your videos to a SharePoint team site with a Media libary (these are designed for videos) or an even better approach would be to

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Thanks for the feedback.  We are working on enabling better upload experiences for OneDrive for Business.  No timelines to share at this time.

Do we have any metrics on Azure ExpressRoute impact on ODfB?

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Hi Ian, an investment in ExpressRoute can range into tens of thousands of dollars per month. Writing a business case for these investments is difficult without metrics (e... Read More
We don't have any public metrics at this time, but we have seen significant improvements, it depends on the performance you're seeing, where you are, etc.

I have noticed OneDrive sign in window to be shown on several ad screens at streets (the sign in UI was shown over the showcase presentation).


How do you suggest to easily prevent this to happen? Either for OneDrive UI or globally for Windows?

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I'm curious Martin - what do you mean by showcase presentation? Powerpoint is causing it to popup? What events trigger the OneDrive sign in window? Are you using multiple... Read More

The last time I installed OneDrive on new computer it took almost 10 hours to sync about 30 GB of data. The ISP bandwidth limit was 100 Mbps (30 000 / (100 / 8) = 2 400 seconds = 40 minutes). In most cases, the achievable throughput is very near 100 Mbps.

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Hi Martin,


We're always working to improve performance of the OneDrive sync client.  There's always a combination of considerations like location (being a big one), tim

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I am still confused if they need different versions of the OneDrive Sync client? We'd like to do both.

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How can we use groove.exe to sync with on-prem, after applying "onedrive.exe /takeover"? Is there any way to undo /takeover?
In my Windows 10, File Explorer, should I see a tab for SharePoint for my O365 sites that are syncing? I can sync OneDrive but not O365 SharePoint Libraries. I can sync S... Read More
You can use NGSC with SPOnline. You will still need to use the groove.exe client with On-Prem



I would like to know, how many times are my files replicated on OneDrive (with an Outlook.com account) and on OneDrive for Business?


Thank you. :)

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Sounds like Illan is trying to figure out if the files exist in both locations - personal one drive and business one drive.

 Hi Illan,


Can you explain a little bit more what you are asking about? Are you curious about cached copies in sync, or maybe on data backup & protection? Thanks!



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I am using Office 365 Home and while the 1TB included storage is great, I do feel like I should be given a choice of purchasing additional storage for one or more accounts in my family. Do you have any plans for doing such a thing? 

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Put differently, Randy, he's asking to add another 1 TB for one or more of those other users (probably including the admin account). I think there is a way to buy more On... Read More
With the home subscription, you have the ability to grant 1TB to up to 4 other users.

Shoudl we continue our plans to manage the NGSC separately from our Office Pro Plus (CTR) deployment?  It seems like these are going to continue to be considered separate.  Also, do Office repairs ever impact the version of the NGSC installed?

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Hi Robert,

We recommend deploying the latest sync client (which we call "next gen sync client" or "NGSC") and allowing it to self-update, that is the only way to be sure

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