Welcome to the Office International Community

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The Office International Community is a place for avid users of Microsoft Office Applications, Services & Content who are passionate about their language.
We, the Office International team, are responsible for delivering localised versions of Office Applications, Services and Content in up to 100 plus languages.
We plan to run regular competitions by guiding our members to recently localised Office application or service features so you can share your experience or frustrations with us and help us improve the quality of our international releases.
We will also share information about the latest product releases, language offerings as well as on our team and processes.
We encourage our members to report and discuss ad hoc language issues they find when using localised versions of Office Applications, Services & Content.
We will investigate what members report to us, reporting back on progress and closing the loop with the final decision and reasons supporting it.

If we feel anything posted in our group does not sit within our remit to answer or address we will endeavour to move it to the most appropriate community on Tech Community or let the right people in Microsoft know about it.
Our two discussion spaces (Report Translation Issues and Competitions) and Blog will be monitored regularly by moderators across the Office International team.
Registering is fast, free and in seconds you’ll have access to the community forums. Simply sign in with your Microsoft account to register, and select the "Join" button on the Office International community.
Thanks for reading and if this is something that interests you then please join our Office International Community. We would love to hear from you. 
The Office International Team