Hi Office International Community,


Microsoft Kaizala makes it easy to connect and coordinate with your Firstline workers – wherever they are – using a simple-to-use chat interface. Efficiently manage work or collect data from individuals or large groups, even if they’re not in your organization. View built-in reports to get insights for faster decision making.


In the next 2 weeks we’re looking for feedback on how the localized (non-English) Microsoft Kaizala mobile application is landing in these languages: 


  1. Bangla (Bangladesh)
  2. Chinese (Simplified)
  3. Filipino
  4. French
  5. German
  6. Gujarati
  7. Hindi
  8. Indonesian
  9. Kiswahili
  10. Marathi
  11. Portuguese (Brazil)
  12. Spanish
  13. Tamil
  14. Telugu
  15. Thai
  16. Turkish
  17. Vietnamese

This article tells you all about the Microsoft Kaizala mobile application. It is available with Office 365 and works on iPhone and Android phone. It is available in Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, the Philippines, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, and Vietnam.


You can install a mobile version of Microsoft Kaizala from the App Store or the GooglePlay store. This competition which will run from October 29th to November 11th 2018.


Please join the competition and tell us: 

  • Does the Kaizala experience work overall within the software or associated content?  We welcome your perspective on what works well as well what we can improve!
  • Did we get translations for the mobile application correct in your language within the software or content?  Please share any suggestions on improving the translated text that you may have!


Kaizala icon.png 


How to enter... 

Install the app, play around with it in your language. Tell us what you think by clicking “Start a new conversation” in the Competition space of the Office International Community and post your feedback with some details.  Of course, the more details you can share, the better! Please give us: 

  • Description of the issue encountered
  • Language affected
  • Current translation (if applicable)
  • Suggested translation and reason(s) for change
  • Corresponding English Text (if known and applicable):
  • Screenshot of the issue
  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • Platform
  • Kaizala Mobile Version #


We’ll be giving away three $100 Amazon vouchers to our Competition Winners.


Contest Prizes 

  • 1st prize for Highest creation of new, original and valid posts – Amazon voucher to the value of $100
  • 1st prize for Best new, original post with largest impact to the user interface or help content – Amazon voucher to the value of $100
  • 1st prize New, original post resulting in the best cosmetic improvement to the User Interface – Amazon voucher to the value of $100 


Please also invite your colleagues (who are avid Kaizala users) to participate and share the competition on social media!

Please also read the official rules here before entering!

Should you enter best of luck and thanks in advance to everyone who participates!






Hi Stafford, did you mean Nov. 11th?  
"This competition which will run from Oct 29th to Oct 11th."


Hi @Shelby Cemer - You are correct. I did mean October 29th to November 11th. Typo fixed above.