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Bill Doll on 02-20-2019 09:00 AM
Chanda Wong on 04-27-2018 05:59 AM
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So, two weeks later. I did get contacted by MS engineer and he added my MS ID to a group to get the new app version. It updated, but i still get the same look when i launch it. Icons are old, no search or recommended block and no columns with more information about the documents, just the same last ...
Thanks for chiming in @Cian Allner. I was also going to emphasize that this was a redesigned app built as a PWA and delivers a whole new experience for Office users. We felt that the most effective way to distribute this app to people would be as an update to the My Office app in the Microsoft Store...
Yes this is an updated app of what was called Get Office that’s been part of Office for ages. It may as well be a new app though as it is completely different to the original app, it’s a Progressive Web App that encompasses the experience. It was demoed in this episode of Microsoft Mechan...
So this isn't actually a "New" app, but just an update to an old app? Is that why in the Microsoft Store the "New" Office app has a Release date of 6/9/2015?
@Oleg K and @Reportered - we're really sorry and surprised to hear that you are still experiencing issues, but really appreciate you following up and letting us know. Someone from our engineering team will be reaching out to you directly to better understand the issue and ensure you get access to th...